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    Rant about drivers and police officers

    Over her is the same thing, but usualy people let other persons know when there is a cop around by flashing their lights. Over here cops are a bunch of a$$es. They sometimes follow you throught the hole neighbor hood. once a friend of mind was in the drivethrough of a BK and the cops where...
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    The Crazy Ladies

    LMAO Kaylee has the finniest way of hopping over the logg. And I love the slobber picture too:D
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    I think im scared of rottweilers.. help please :(

    Please don't blame your self b/c the dog was PTS, just think if this dog bit some one else or a child. B/c of you other people are safe. What happen to you was a terrible thing. Hope you heal soon, and just take it day by day.
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    Need help!!

    Hey guys. sorry I didn't respond. I was dealing with double the trouble yesterday. I had to go to the hospital Johns brother got realy sick and we had to go there. They are both doing fine. Kiana didn't even vomit and johns brother is doing better. Thanks
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    So my inlaws have this lab...

    sorry for the loss.:(
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    Need help!!

    Hey guys. This happen just now. I bought a small 4OZ box of Crunch 'n munch (it has peanuts on it with caramel). I don't know how but Kiana open the counter and ate the entire box while I was in the shower. She hasn’t vomited and doesn't look sick. Do you guys think she’ll be OK?
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    Does your dog like the vet?

    hhhm RB doesn't mind, but Kiana... well lets say she likes her vet, but not going to the office LOL!. she gets nervus and sometimes agressive twards the tech, which is why I don't take her unless is an emergency or the doc realy needs to see her. I don't like to stress her out for no reason.
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    What attracted you to Chazhound in the first place?

    I found Chaz while I was looking for puppy pictures. I decided to stay b/c I wanted to be with people who where as passionate as I am about dogs and their other pets. I have gone to other fourm but never stayed. And in here I feel like I'm not the only crazy dog lover.:D
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    Bit by my own dog?

    The only time I was growled and showed teeth at was on Jan I took kiana to the vet where I work at. that day she was really stressed out(I don't know why but when I take her there she gets really stress) and when the other tech tried to do an exam she growled at her, so I took a muzzle and when...
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    Keeda and Midget do Dressage...

    LOL I love how on the first picture Midget looks like he is hunting Keeda.
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    Lotsa Crew Piccies!

    wow look how happy that puppy is. And to think you got it from a parking lot lady.:rolleyes: you can tell he is living the life!!
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    Late Night Fun (just two)

    Valentino has grown up so fast.
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    Riley sure surprised me...

    wow he is just gorgeous!!
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    Rb and Kiana having some time outside

    LOL Rb(Rude-boy) is a boy, but you can borrow him if you want.:D
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    Pictures -- lots!

    I just love Bax eyes, is like you get lost on them.
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    Rb and Kiana having some time outside

    well I had a couple of minutes before going to school so I took the babies outside and took some pictures. kiana was having the zoomies so not a lot of pictures of her:rolleyes: take my good side mom lady. does my nose look big Iz noming your neck!!! I noms you back!! I...
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    dangerous dogs

    you are right grammy! is always good to have a nice laugh:D
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    Introducing The Hoodlums

    :yikes: you actualy got ur terriers to stay still like that!!. wow those are some grate pictures
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    Finn's latest playday

    he is just so cute!! especialy his little devil pics:D
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    dangerous dogs

    LOL this is too much. But if I'm not mistaken I have seen this before here.