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    Supplements.. All the same?

    Fish oil is good for you and your dog. Just check to see if it is a good quality. Cheap is not better in this case. Also, a probiotic for dogs is good for older dogs to help them digest their food and capture as much of the nutrients as possible for them.
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    Stranger danger and other fear stuff

    Sometimes people annoy me too. You don't say how old he is so I am assuming he is still very young. It may be best to limit his contact with strangers. I know that is hard at times, and when you do have to interact you may need to be a little...a lot, more firm with the folks who want to pet...
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    Mouthing turns to biting

    Some dogs like biting more than others. But, at 7 months he should be learning that this is not acceptable. If you don’t “nip†it in the bud now you will have more problems later. Sometimes puppies are taken away from the litter before they have time to learn proper socializing and you...
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    Neutering - behavior effects?

    I have had several male dogs over the years. All were neutered, except the one I have now, an English Shepherd. All seemed to "calm" down after the operation. I have talked with dog owners who say it did not make any difference in their behavior. Maybe the age does have a lot to do with it.
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    What to do when the dog is being naughty?

    Sometimes dogs just don't like things being put over their heads. You can either train her to accept the harness or they do make harnesses that they step into and buckle over the top. As for being naughty, that is just a matter of training her what is acceptable and what is not.
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    Getting fluids into a picky dog

    You might ask the vet if you could put a little salt in his food to make him more thirsty. Do you give him any treats? For a dog that small a few treats would go a long way.
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    chewing and licking paws

    You say you know it’s not allergies. But, there’s so many things that can cause an allergenic reaction. I would not rule out allergies altogether. For a quick stop you might try putting something that taste bad to the dog on his paws.
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    Yorkie Training Advice?

    You got some good advice above. Just remember these dogs have been used to doing what they want for some time, so it may take some time and patience to get them on track. Good luck. I am sure you will be thankful you took the time to work with the dogs and will be a nice memory of your mother...
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    Fleas!!!!! Grr!!!!!

    We went through the flea thing last spring. Here is a list of things that you might consider to get rid of the fleas. They are really hard to get rid of because they have different stages of development. Also, fleas can carry tape worms. Step 1: Throw everything in your home in the...
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    Vibes needed for Phoebe

    Certainly hope Phoebe gets better. Is she an old dog? Is she over weight? Animals are good at healing, so maybe with the rest and care she can get past this. It is much easier with a small dog to care for. Best to you and Phoebe.
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    This is.....interesting....

    I am not sure I should even wade in on this one. It seems to me that sometimes the dogs is smarter than the people. I have lived on or around farms and animals for the majority of my life...which has been a long time. If you have an animal, like a dog, which can sometimes harm another animal...
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    I finally did it

    I didn't know what a Whippit dog was, so I looked it up. Sounds like a great choice. Has a lot of good qualities. The article said they were a poor man's greyhound.:) I wish everyone would put in the effort you did to find the right dog for them. At first I thought you were talking about my...
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    Urgent help needed guys! Pls Help :(

    Sorry I just found your post. I hope you see it. I do not have any personal experience with tick borne illness in dogs, but do have some on the people side. I know several people who have become ill with a tick borne disease. What I can tell you is it takes a long time to recover and it...
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    Madrid Will Kill Ebola Patient's Dog

    Run across an interesting article about dogs and Ebola. Researchers think dogs can get the disease, but think they might not have any symptoms and do not know if they can pass the disease on to other animals and...
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    Sleep pooping?

    Not much information, but at that age it is unexpected to have a problem like that. If the dog is eliminating ok through the day it must be some type of nerve damage. The owner may have to go to a nerve specialist to check it out. Tell the owner that at that age there must be a physical...
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    Fence Dilemma

    Without seeing your deck it is hard to give a good suggestion. But, I sometimes use bird netting around the garden for deer and it is practically invisible. It might be better to just go ahead and put up a fence and be done with it. You have many choices in types of fencing. Maybe you could...
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    Pet Insurance

    Glad you brought this subject up Julee. I have just started looking into insurance for George. He is still young so might be a good thing. Reading all the comments has given me more food for thought. Thanks.
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    Bad breath solution for dogs? Any suggestions?

    Hadn't heard about the Lyme symptom - that's and interesting tidbit to keep. I would agree you should have the vet check for dental problems and you might try checking your dog food and adding a probiotic to it's diet.
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    Peeing down her leg?

    Has the vet said anything about medication for bladder control? I know they can use medication for that in some cases.
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    Are your dogs needy?

    George - English Shepherd - will swing by, when we are out for a run, to check in and let me tell him what a great dog he is. But, at times he will totally ignore me, too. It depends if he has found something that is more interesting to him - l like running through the flock of chickens and...