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    The person below me ...

    lol.. tru but am i good at it is a whole new storie. the person below me has done somthin crazy with their best friend that they wouldnt want there perents tp find out about..... even if your grown.
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    Hola From puppydog heaven!!

    well... im not sure how to post pics?
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    What Would you do (this is touchy)

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    New Game....

    Family and friends are the best medicines
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    Small town cops

    omg my sister got pulled over once and she didnt have her drivers licence or car regestration papers. but she didnt get a ticket. wow thats luck. theres a highway patrollmen that ALWAYS pulls over my sis on a regular basis and jus does it to be mean cuzz my sister does nothin wrong and he juss...
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    HELLLOOO! im a doggy mom of 3! and one of my dogs is now literally .......... a doggy mom. SHE HAD PUPPIES yaya!! welcome here im new too!
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    The person below me ...

    is spring break a holiday? lol false......... i have no plans for the next holiday wat soever god plzzz plzzzz help me!!! umm... the person below me HAS A DOG!! lol jus kiddin...... you have someone younger than you in your family getting married.?
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    Need Help

    I think it still look cute! i have a small pug and i think shes soooo adorable! most people dont like pugs thou because they think they'r ugly or every one i talk to does but w/e!thats my favorite small dog though. PUGS! i also LuV westies.(is that how you spell it or is it westys) my grandma...
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    3 months!

    hey! thats great. we just got our lab/rotwieler and were havin a hard time with him! omg it is soooooooooo hard to believe my first dog is already 2 years old. i stilll feel like shes 3 months........ and she still acts like it lol.
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    Problem with Harley

    awwww, poor thing. my grandmas dog got into a cactus on vacation and got cactus pionty things in his eye and he had his eye removed. he still runs around like a crazy wild dingo. hope it all goes well!
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    Sheltie hellos

    hey!!! aww your dogs so cute!! not in france but i am in texas!!! and theres a paris, texas srry odd connection!!! WeLcOmE!i!i!
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    Iams or Eukanuba?

    inhumane tests.........eeeeehhhhggg. I fed one of my dogs iams for a while and she started havin problems and the stopped eating alltogeather so we went to the pet store and asked for advice. It seemed like the pet store employee new more about dog nutrition the our vet did. we feed our dogs a...
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    Worst Dog names!

    wow, well i was out on my friends ranch and she had a dog named after some spanish explorer and it was like, cornelius valasco coronado de valreo.......... i dont noe if that was one spanish explorer or five in one name....... but we called him corny. lol ~bekz~
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    Hola From puppydog heaven!!

    hello,my name is beka and i have 11 pets but only 3 of those are dogs. Theres oreo, a german shepard lab mix, cowboy , a rotwieler lab mix , and mini pearl , a pug! there all silly and fun to be around. :eek: but they can get hard to handle. my dogs have a problem. the mixes some how find ways...