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  1. Stillwater

    Patton at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge!

    These are awesome!! You should be very proud. I want to go one day.
  2. Stillwater

    What made you get into dogs?

    We always had dogs. Our dogs growing up were strays and stuff, they never saw a vet and never were spayed or anything. When I was so little, still in diapers, I would sneak out of the house and they would find me in the dog house sitting with Mama Dog and her puppies. I never harassed her...
  3. Stillwater

    Intact males + females

    Yup, crate and rotate. Make sure the boy cannot get to the girl in the crate. I have a friend with a litter coming because the boy got out of his crate and bred the girl who was in her crate. I have 2 coming in right now. The PWD is in, and the little terrier is trying to come in. I...
  4. Stillwater

    Gusto's DNA Test

    Border Collie, Staffy Bull and maybe some Rat Terrier. He is cute!
  5. Stillwater

    Good dry dog food as a supplement

    I have really come to like the Zignature dog food. I have been using it now over a year with my boy who had developed allergies at 7 years old. They have several flavors and are limited ingredients and I find that I can rotate through the flavors with no issues. And it is not break the bank...
  6. Stillwater

    My two lurchers

    Well those are adorable.
  7. Stillwater

    The little terror

    That looks like a Patterdale! Cute!
  8. Stillwater

    Children pretending to be dogs

    Sounds like the children need to learn self control and not be monsters. Sorry your dogs had to put up with that.
  9. Stillwater

    More Fall Malinois & GSD

    Beautiful dogs and use of color and photo composition.
  10. Stillwater

    Batdog Boo

    Very cool. My dogs would paw that off in nano seconds. Or if they didnt, they would look tortured.
  11. Stillwater

    Shed Hunting?

    That is really awesome. I have found 1 shed in my life. At our farm I was driving up the main road and looked over under an oak tree and there it sat. Pretty as a picture, sticking up nice and light colored in short grass. Waiting on me to see it. I have walked miles in the woods...
  12. Stillwater

    Daily Dog Meals - Raw Feeding

    Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about eating anything frozen.
  13. Stillwater

    Breeders and Registered Names

    I have had it all kinds of ways. I have had them come with a registered name and a call name. I have usually kept it unless it was an 8 week old puppy and I will call it what I want and my breeders have not given a name yet. I do not generally care if the dog has a registered name already or...
  14. Stillwater

    Rare breeds you've met and less rare breeds you haven't

    So far I have met everything on this list. :p This one was big. But she was SUPER fearful. The owners seemed...kinda simple people. Not in a bad way or anything. But maybe they were out-dogged. The dog was not socialized early enough. The lady was wanting to work with her for...
  15. Stillwater

    Daily Dog Meals - Raw Feeding

    I do raw with our Ibizan Hound sometimes. Mainly when I need to pack weight on him for a show or to put weight back on him after I have had a bitch in season. (he will stop eating for 4-5 days). He is not a great eater sometimes but he loves raw. It was just expensive. I mainly just did...
  16. Stillwater

    Rare breeds you've met and less rare breeds you haven't

    I would say the rarest I probably have met was a Caucasian Ovcharka. I was NOT impressed. I hope she was just a poor example of the breed.
  17. Stillwater

    Norwich vs Norfolk vs Border terriers

    2 They are all 3 very good and fun breeds. But different uses. :) There is a Norfolk that I find totally adorable. I am part of her family and if I do not specifically pay her attention when I see her, she gets her feelings hurt. I know that is anthropomorphising a dog but that is...
  18. Stillwater

    Norwich vs Norfolk vs Border terriers

    Yes, I have experience with all 3. First, Norfolks and Norwichs used to come from the same litters, one ears up and one ears down. They used to be the same but not really anymore since they were separated. I find Norfolks to be sweeter. Sort of a terrier light. They are still...
  19. Stillwater

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    Besides more Danes or Parsons.. Rottweiler: I would be super selective on the breeder. One of the greatest dogs I have ever owned was a Rottie. He raised my daughter and died at 15 years old. I will always have a soft spot for a big headed Rottie. I have had my old Rottie come visit me...
  20. Stillwater

    Several photos

    Panda's cuteness does let her get away with everything. She would be perfect for a kids show. She loves everyone but she has little desire to please you so training her would be most interesting. She only wants to play. I have some videos but youtube is blocked but you can see how demanding...