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  1. chazhound

    *Paw waves*

    Welcome Amber and Apollo... glad to see you on the forum...
  2. chazhound

    Tucker and Me

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. chazhound

    Can't upload avatar still...

    Alright!... :)
  4. chazhound

    Can't upload avatar still...

    You should be able to upload your avatar now. Give it a try...
  5. chazhound

    Chaz - risky to visit?

    Please don't state information as fact without more detail to verify what you stated. Chazhound does not kill computers. You can check Google Diagnostic page for Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for --- McAfee is usually very outdated and tags many domains...
  6. chazhound

    Email Clients?

    Eudora, Pegasus Mail, and Gmail apps are others you may want to look at. I use Pegasus at for ages, but testing out google apps now. And so far very impressed...
  7. chazhound

    Bunk Getting Neutered

    Good luck Bunk.... glad it isn't me....
  8. chazhound

    So, what's wrong with this site?

    Thanks Puck! Apparently they had settings on a third party dns service messing things up... finally figured it out though.... had to... you know what they say... 'The puck stop here'... :)
  9. chazhound

    Is anyone learning another language???

    I'm trying to learn 'dog', but it is really tough... cat was much easier...
  10. chazhound

    Hi from my sweethearts and I.

    I'll check it out and message you when the issue is fixed... :)
  11. chazhound

    Hi from my sweethearts and I.

    Welcome to Chazhound Forums! Nice doggie... :) Try uploading your avatar again, it should work now...
  12. chazhound

    Think you've been BANNED?

    If you have any issues with logging or permissions, contact us. We are auditing the settings now to ensure things are back in order... Warm Woofs,
  13. chazhound

    So, what's wrong with this site?

    Most of the move is over now and the DNS is stablized. So we shouldn't see any lost posts/thread anymore. Thanks for your understanding while we are cleaning up.
  14. chazhound

    Comment by 'chazhound' in media 'Boudicca'

    Nice puppy...
  15. chazhound

    Am I going crazy?

    It should be clear now... still some issues to deal with but the thread/posts should be ok now... Thanks for your patience during the website move and updates.
  16. chazhound

    One Less Creeper - Intro

    Welcome to Chazhound Forum! Really cool dog...
  17. chazhound

    Need Pool Table tips

    Is it a three piece or one piece slat? As an avid player and owner of a billiard room, I would do it right the first time. If the slat and table is is good shape then have a professional do the work. The table isn't that hard to refelt. Preparing the slate is important. Use clear wax for the...
  18. chazhound

    Howdy Eddie!... why is your name bold???

    Howdy Eddie!... why is your name bold???
  19. chazhound

    CLEVER CHAZZERS! Help needed!

    Google, Growly, GoGetHer, Greathound...
  20. chazhound

    Hello guys

    Welcome to Chazhound Dog Forum! It's nice to have you and Lassie here... love to see a pic of what a Japspitz looks like... :) Chaz