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  1. Emily

    Small questions about training&behavior

  2. Emily

    Is bordetella vaccine a good idea?

    Hmm, experience with both vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs who caught it from the same outbreak has not lined with this for me. *shrug* I keep hearing that the vaccines makes it outbreaks "milder" though. However, the most severe case we saw at work was a vaccinated dog who did have the...
  3. Emily

    Is bordetella vaccine a good idea?

    Hey there, I work in daycare/boarding and have for a few years now. We require the Bordatella vaccine for dogs that go into groups (so any daycare or boarding dog). Honestly? I think it's next to useless. Dogs STILL get kennel cough even after having the Bordatella vaccination. "Kennel cough"...
  4. Emily

    Lark 29 months old

    Such a pretty dog!
  5. Emily

    DA - I need help. Fast.

    This is great advice IMO. Every fight tends to solidify a poor relationship and a pattern of behavior that gets harder and harder to change. Cut it off NOW, right now, no more contact. And then re-introduce them the way Danielle described.
  6. Emily

    DA - I need help. Fast.

    If you hire a trainer, just hire one with experience in intra-household dog aggression. I haven't personally seen impressive results with veterinary behaviorists in general, seems they have a lot of theoretical learning but I do not see the results coming out the other end. Regardless, if you...
  7. Emily

    Logic vs gut feeling

    Go with the breed you're attracted to. As long as it's a researched decision and you understand potential drawbacks, there's nothing wrong with going with what draws you in vs. what fits on paper.
  8. Emily

    So Walter took his CGC exam today

    Yeah this... the neutral dog SHOULD ignore the testing dog completely, that's their job. I've used Macky and Keeva both as the neutral dog, and they never do more than glance at the testing dogs. Nothing less should be acceptable for the neutral dog IMO...
  9. Emily

    Fostering rescued pit bull with mysterious past

    lol that poster sent me a PM months ago when this was active and wanted me to provide some sort of "professional opinion" (um... ok) that this dog was dangerous and shouldn't be around kids. She is related to the dog's owner or... something, and didn't want her grandkids around a pit bull. And...
  10. Emily

    A show line, a working line and a Mal

    Love them! Ms. Tula's getting so big!
  11. Emily

    New to the forum

    Welcome! I'm also in the Chicagoland area. :)
  12. Emily

    Need Some Bonding Advice

    So much this. I had a hard time with at Keeva because she was just...different from what I expected, what I wanted. I really struggled to feel bonded with her because of it. I know it sounds like fluff but it only gets better when you accept them for who they are, and enjoy it. This might...
  13. Emily

    Training Fetch

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  14. Emily

    Training Fetch

    Well if she loves to tug, I'd start with her on a 6ft leash. Tug tug tug, then out her and toss it to the ground. Not away from you, just to the ground. Hopefully she'll be invested enough from your tugging to grab it, then you back up a few steps (the leash will keep her from leaving) and call...
  15. Emily

    Baskerville Muzzle?

    Serious dogs can (and will, in my understanding) pinch flesh through the Baskervilles. I own two Baskervilles, neither fit Blossom LOL. I only have them for training purposes so not a safety issue, but yeah. They are super easy to deliver treats through though. You might also look at the...
  16. Emily

    Pariah dogs or mixed breed strays from abroad...

    So my best friend's roommate has a dog she got in Malawi while in the Peace Corp. She brought the dog back stateside with her and I'd say I know her pretty well. What situation did your dog come from? How old were they when they were 'rescued', what kind of environment were they living in...
  17. Emily

    German Shepherd Breeders- west coast

    Yep, I get that. ETA: Nvm, the less said that better. Doesn't change the fact she enjoys the dog and it's a nice dog, though. ;)
  18. Emily

    German Shepherd Breeders- west coast

    I am not ripping on anyone's dog and do not care what type or variety of "pit bull" people chose to own. That is not what my post was about. But I admit I have a hard time understanding choosing to own a pet bred variety of a working breed and then suggesting other workings breeds should not be...
  19. Emily

    German Shepherd Breeders- west coast

    How does one have a blue, bully-style "APBT" and then suggest that buying a pet GSD is wrong? Does not compute.
  20. Emily

    Fishy breath?

    Is she licking her butt a lot? Anal gland secretion can smell very fishy and I've often found if a dog with healthy mouth has fishy breath (and isn't eating fish) they might need their glands expressed and be licking at their butt to try and relieve the pressure. If you catch her scooting her...