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  1. Chewbecca

    Forum Behavior

    I posted this video on my facebook page because it's cute. Forum behavior never crossed my mind.
  2. Chewbecca

    Layla is no longer with us

    Oh, Breeze, I am sooooo sorry, honey!:(
  3. Chewbecca

    Good bye my perfect puppy

    I am so terribly sorry, Kerri. You will grieve in your way, but if you EVER need to talk or vent or cry, you know you can reach me. I know where you're at right now, and there is nothing consoling that can be done. I am so sorry. <3
  4. Chewbecca

    What are your current boycotts?

    Same with me. :) ETA: Aw, crap, I just realized it didn't quote Sassafrass as well. Oops.
  5. Chewbecca

    Birthday gift help!

    Does he have a favorite music store that he likes to buy from? I don't know what your budget is, but if he has a favorite music store, perhaps getting him a gift certificate to that store. It may not be to buy some huge, expensive purchase, but you'd be AMAZED at what things like guitar...
  6. Chewbecca

    Does a company's reputation determine if you use them?

    Yes a company's reputation counts in MOST cases. It depends on how major the purchase is. It ALSO depends on WHO is saying the company is bad. Is it some I know personally? Is it a bunch of crappy reviews on the place? It also depends on if I've bought from them before.
  7. Chewbecca

    Tagline for Quinn

    How just "Not a Collie" (leave the "border" part out of it, since most folks cannot tell the difference between most collies anyway), or "Not a Toller"? Or "Srs Beauty Queen"? Because she's beautiful and always "for srs.":lol-sign: I have one of those as well. Her name is Ophie.
  8. Chewbecca

    Another abandoned dog...

    ohmanohmanohman. I, too, am in love with him. Oh god. But two is my limit. But I still love him. I do.
  9. Chewbecca

    What is the widest you'd go for a collar?

    awwww!!!! That looks really nice on him!! <3 And I agree, he looks great in 1" wide collars. And it has a lot to do with the fact that we used the thinner leather for it. :)
  10. Chewbecca

    Guess who I brought home today

    ohmygod. PUPPIEEESSSSS! Puppies are taking over CHAZ. lovelovelovelove puppieeessss. This one is especially ADORABLE!! I cannot wait for more photos!
  11. Chewbecca

    Action shots

    omg, PUPPEH!!!! He is ADORABLE!!! Fluff, fluff, FLUFF! <3<3<3<3
  12. Chewbecca

    The Girls: A Watery Assortment

    gorgeous photos! Gorgeous dogs!!!!! I WISHWISHWISH I had somewhere safe to take my dogs swimming, but our river (which is SOOO awesomely close to my house) is waaaayyyy toooooo dangerous to swim in. You are so awesome to jog 6 miles with your dogs and to take them swimming. :D
  13. Chewbecca

    My ugly little buddy

    Junior is ADORABLE. He really is a good looking guy. <3
  14. Chewbecca

    Tagline for Quinn

    I'd love to help, but I am stumped. I'll come back later to see if I can think of anything. :D
  15. Chewbecca

    The Rise of the planet of the apes

    I want to see it!
  16. Chewbecca

    What is the widest you'd go for a collar?

    Luke could easily pull off a 2" wide collar, but I'd prefer to taper it at the buckle. I have both of mine in 1.25" collars now that are tapered to 1": Both of those collars are made out of 12-14 oz. english bridle leather. Luke can typically pull off wider collars, but since that...
  17. Chewbecca

    Tucker bit my dad

    I guess when I think of an HA dog, I think of HA as a dog who would go out of his way NOT to be around humans, and in turn, would choose to bite a human if confronted by one, or around one. A dog that bites, one time, in a situation where there is high stress or an obvious reason that the dog...
  18. Chewbecca

    What is the widest you'd go for a collar?

    Some dogs can get away with wider widths on collars if the material is thinner. I typically don't put wider than 1.5" leather collars on Ophie and that's with it tapered to 1" at the buckle. But she can wear 1.5", untapered fabric collars because they're thinner (usually) than the leather ones...
  19. Chewbecca

    Tucker bit my dad

  20. Chewbecca

    Another Ella's Lead collar thread.

    Exactly. But I'm still thinking lime green would look best. :D