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  1. Whisper

    What is wrong with Chaz?

    One more thing - I went to edit my post and can't. That's a change I'd also make.
  2. Whisper

    What is wrong with Chaz?

    I've been perusing the forum on and off and one issue I've noticed is the search feature. At first it was missing altogether and now it's incomplete. When I search, the oldest I can ask a post to be "newer than" is from 2008, which doesn't encompass years before that. The biggest problem though...
  3. Whisper

    This "funny" video makes me so sad. That dog does not feel "guilty." She has no concept of why chewing up a bag of cat food is bad, even besides the fact that it's clearly been some time since she did it. She's scared.
  4. Whisper

    The Venting Thread

    Oh, no. I am so, so sorry! :( ((((((((((GINORMOUSHUGS))))))))))
  5. Whisper

    The Good News thread

    I'm excited for you! :D Horses are amazing animals and having my own is a dream of mine. <3
  6. Whisper

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Bahahahaha! WIN.
  7. Whisper

    The Venting Thread

    Um, kind of embarrassing. :o I am an absolute rabid Elizabeth Taylor fan as well as obsessed anything and everything vintage. Someone is selling five magazines (Four "Life" and one "Look") featuring articles about Elizabeth and her on the cover, mostly from the '60s but one is from '72. All five...
  8. Whisper

    2014 Official Chaz Fitness Challenge

    Beanie, thanks for that. Really, really interesting! :) That calculator is awesome. I drastically lowered my calorie intake (the 100-300 mentioned before), and that lasted about 3 months. I would go without eating as long as possible, for a couple weeks, but would eat for a day in between. When...
  9. Whisper

    The musing thread

    Glad to know I'm not alone! :o (((((HUGS))))) This month is her birthday, and next month is the anniversary of her death. Sucks. :(
  10. Whisper

    Things my Aussies have taught me.

    Great shots! Love these. <3
  11. Whisper

    The Venting Thread

    First world problems. They can suck, too. There is something for sale that I want more than I've wanted ANYTHING in my whole freaking life, and it's TWENTY TWO DOLLARS instead of the HUNDREDS some people charge. The big gigantic kick in the stomach? I don't HAVE the money for that amazing deal...
  12. Whisper

    Big news from Brigadoon!

    WAY TOO MUCH CUTE. Plz to has Hermione?
  13. Whisper

    The musing thread

    Today is what would be Elizabeth Taylor's 82nd birthday. And I'm a mess because I'm one of those obsessed fans. I'm pretty sure on my Facebook under religion I put "Elizabeth Taylor." So basically I'm both crazy and sad.
  14. Whisper

    2014 Official Chaz Fitness Challenge

    QFT. You're awesome, Beanie! I have a question, if you don't mind! :o The "starvation mode" thing. I went through a long period where I ate very little (maybe 100-300 calories a day) and then nothing at all for a time. I did lose weight, but when I started eating again, I gained a TON of weight...
  15. Whisper

    2014 Official Chaz Fitness Challenge

    I know it's not much, but since I take meds that increase my appetite and mess with my metabolism, I am sooo happy about the 2 pounds I lost in the last week! Yay! :D
  16. Whisper

    Did you have to train fetch?

    Millie has absolutely no natural desire to fetch (despite being part lab), so yep, that was a trained thing. Fable, yes and no. She loves running and catching, bringing it back to me is the issue. :p
  17. Whisper

    Can a dog produce ejaculate without testicles...

    Absolutely take him to the vet. The only way that I know of to tell if it's infection is to wait for it to get bad enough that there's swelling and other symptoms. I know you don't want that, so please get him checked out. I know it can really hurt the wallet, but it's worth it to make sure your...
  18. Whisper

    i have.....

    She's adorable! :D
  19. Whisper

    Passion Parties: New Adventure!

    I'm happy for you, Airn! It will have to wait a while, but I plan on coming to you. :D
  20. Whisper

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniels...

    Might not be a popular opinion, but maybe they should be outcrossed for more genetic diversity? I understand not wanting to take an established purebred and mix it (especially of course if you're involved in showing), but it could be in the dogs' best interest. I don't know. Just a thought. I'd...