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    I have added photos to my Bolerame Photography thread.

    I have added photos to my Bolerame Photography thread.
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    Bolerame Photography (hobby photographer)

    Flowers. I do make calendars and these are just a sampling of some of the photos that I have used.
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    Chazmember pet portrait artists

    Bolerame/Lena A Photography
  4. Bolerame

    Chazmember pet portrait artists

    Lena A Photography/Bolerame Photography.
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    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    Things needed to know is the age of the pup and what breed it is. Since we have deep chested dogs (Boxers and Borzoi), we've always feed dry but cover it in water to lessen the likelihood of bloat. We also have Bostons and 1 Chihuahua and we also cover their kibble with warm water but only...
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    Vaccination for Puppy

    A vet can do a titre blood test to determine what antibiotics the puppy is low on and can then determine what vacs are needed.
  7. xsmCorel_20191014_155835bCrop.jpg


    Indian Falls, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
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    The Old School House, Stanley Section, New Germany, Nova Scotia
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    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, New Germany, Nova Scotia
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