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  1. houlahoops

    In which Pippa goes through an awkward phase

    She is SO silly looking...I have just been sending close face shots to her breeder lately hahaha. <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="IMG_0814"><img...
  2. houlahoops

    In which Pippa goes through an awkward phase

    Awkward Patton is my favorite Patton!! But on the flip side it's so exciting to think about what he will look like all grown up! She is feeling so much better! I am so lucky she pulled through for me :) Hahahaha the struggle is real. She had ears for days, even when the rest of her was...
  3. houlahoops

    In which Pippa goes through an awkward phase

    Dad's been calling her "stilts" and I'm thinking we won't buy copies of her school picture this year :p We still get all the best radio stations thanks to her built-in satellite dishes.
  4. houlahoops

    Do you have a favorite?

    Pippa's my only dog but sometimes she gets edged out as the favorite by the stuffed dog on my bookshelf :p
  5. houlahoops


    Oh my God. What a shock. I am so very sorry about the loss of your beautiful girl.
  6. houlahoops

    New Puppy!

    I would make a vet appointment ASAP! It's always good to get a new pup checked out anyway, and it sounds like you have some valid worries.
  7. houlahoops

    Gorgeous Lighting Today

    Hank is such a stud! And Mia is a doll as usual
  8. houlahoops

    Stacked Dogs

    Pippa v. Johnson-Haus Breed: German Shepherd Dog Age: 13 months Sex: intact female Weight: 57 lbs Height: 23.5" This is as close to stacked as we are going to get today. As soon as I bend down to get a better angle she quarters to me. :rolleyes:
  9. houlahoops

    Best position for trimming nails?

    So I totally cheat with Pippa and stick a plate full of peanut butter on the floor so she is occupied while I'm working. I like to just dremel with her feet on the ground, and since we do it every couple of days I don't really have to worry about quicking her: I just take a tiny bit off during...
  10. houlahoops

    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    Boooo why are you so far away??
  11. houlahoops

    How does Your Dog do Around Fireworks?

    Pippa couldn't care less about fireworks from our experiences so far (unless they are accompanied by drunken revelers). After being abroad, though, I may need a Thundershirt!
  12. houlahoops

    Baby Cattle Dog

    I already liked this on Facebook but holy crap he is cute!! And paws for days! I love him!!
  13. houlahoops

    Photo Dump!!

    I love, love, love having someone around who is always up for anything. She is such a great wash-and-wear adventure buddy, and I love it. I can always count on her for a good time and a few bruises to talk about later haha. Thank you! She looks just like her papa. You're telling me! For...
  14. houlahoops

    How important is tone of voice?

    Holy crap yes. Any hint of panic or concern or seriousness in my voice and she is immediately looking for whatever I'm calling her off of. Pippa is very sensitive to tone of voice, and I've had to make adjustments so that I don't inadvertently up her arousal when she is getting wound up. Calm...
  15. houlahoops

    I should be sleeping

    ...but instead I'm arting!
  16. houlahoops


    Pip gets an oral tick preventative that has been working really well for her. We had always used the topical but it gets her all itchy and bothered.
  17. houlahoops


    I am a big backpacker! Usually I hike for work, but I love taking Pippa on day hikes (we haven't taken an overnight trip together yet...I don't know if I could get her to sleep without her crate and I don't really want to pack it in haha). Gear-wise, I love my pack (no idea what brand it...
  18. houlahoops

    Blockages, Mesenteric Torsion, Insurance, and Pippa

    It's been a while since I've posted here, but I try to keep up with everyone on Facebook as much as I can. That said, I thought I would post a little bit on here about Pippa's recent ordeal. I left Pippa with a "friend" and professional dog trainer (N) about a month ago while I was traveling...
  19. houlahoops

    It's about time he earned his keep

    How old is he now? I feel like he keeps getting more and more handsome. Good job, both of you!!
  20. houlahoops

    Feuergarten A litter

    Hahahaha that first picture just kills me! She looks like a balloon animal! HURRY UP AND POP I want to live vicariously through you without being actually eviscerated by shark-puppies!