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  1. Lilyharmony

    What is better than Static Mia?

    Ha! I used to do that to my little ones, as well!
  2. Lilyharmony

    Hawk and Lark

    I absolutely adore those lovely dogs! I also wish I lived in a place that actually had some snow, but being in the tropics doesn't help. ;)
  3. Lilyharmony

    Trent and Siege Shenanigans (very pic heavy)

    I love your dogs! They look amazing!
  4. Lilyharmony

    The Snow Herder

    Adorable, and so lively! What breed is he?
  5. Lilyharmony

    What is my dog doing.

    I can't say I've had this happen with any of my dogs in the past. How peculiar!
  6. Lilyharmony

    Really odd behaviour all night

    I guess I'm lucky in that I've never had any odd behavior anything like that. Of course, my dogs tend to be a little odd as it is, so maybe I've never noticed? ;)
  7. Lilyharmony

    I think his tail is still growing

    Goodness, that's a really long tail for a cat! Maybe it's all just fur, I hope? :)
  8. Lilyharmony

    Woman Upset After Shelter Spays Dog

    Personally, I'm of the 'I'm glad they spayed.' camp. Looking at the situation, a lot worse things could've happened to the dog beyond getting picked up and spayed.
  9. Lilyharmony

    Do you trust people to watch your dog(s)?

    Most of my family members I know I can trust to watch my dogs, same with some close friends. Though, really, I just take my dogs everywhere so it's usually a non-issue.
  10. Lilyharmony

    The Venting Thread

    That's why I often try not to do anything too much that I enjoy, for the fear that I burn myself out on it. I've done it in the past, and it's just no fun. So you're not alone. :)
  11. Lilyharmony

    Secret Santa gifts! Journey + Friends

    All of your pups are so photogenic and adorable! They look happy to have their new goodies. :)
  12. Lilyharmony


    Spectacular photos! The light is perfect in them. Victor's a gorgeous dog!
  13. Lilyharmony

    A Very Sheltie Christmas (SO MANY PICS)

    They seem so obedient! I've always been a big fan of Shelties, and yours are absolutely adorable!
  14. Lilyharmony

    Is your dog a dog park dog?

    My two little Yorkies seem to love to go to our local dog park. Typically, there's not many people there, so we like to go and they love the smells and the squirrels. Since they're so small I prefer to harness them, even though it's an off-leash dog park. Haven't taken them to a beach yet...
  15. Lilyharmony

    This.... I want this for Christmas.

    It kinda reminds me of that classic "Dogs Playing Poker" picture. :rolleyes:
  16. Lilyharmony

    How much time do you spend grooming?

    As long as I need to until I'm satisfied! ;) Really, though, I bathe once every two weeks or so, depending on what we've been doing.
  17. Lilyharmony

    For a friend

    What I wouldn't give to have that kind of artistic talent!
  18. Lilyharmony

    Zak George on YouTube

    He certainly seems enthusiastic enough to be interesting. I'll watch more of his stuff later on, if possible.
  19. Lilyharmony

    How does your dog do at the vet?

    Surprisingly, all of the pooches I've ever had in my life have all been totally cool with the vet after the first two visits or so. Then again, most of them are rescues, so I'm betting that they've been through worse stuff.
  20. Lilyharmony

    What temp is too cold to swim/get in water?

    I typically don't let my Yorkies swim in anything colder than luke warm, and I ensure the water doesn't go up any further than their bellies, but they're tiny little things, and I'm not sure how well they'd actually swim. I prefer not to take chances. I'd imagine if you had a bigger breed of...