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    *Pictures!* Zoey hasnt showed her face in a while

    Oh great pics, of all the dogs. Yay I love pictures!
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    I'm glad I've gotten to meet you Rosco. What a handsome boy.
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    I just took these and thought they were cute..

    Oh great photos. Your dogs are just adorable.
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    Air Force

    My cross-countr coach's daughter just got through with boot camp and is in the naval academy. My grandfather was in the military, my uncle was in the air force. I wish I could tell you not to worry, for you shouldn't but I realize it is a hard thing. Peace be to you in this rough time.
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    Black and white

    Oh that second picture is just adorable!
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    Pit bulls: Change of Policy

    Oh that is awesome news! Big things start with small steps!
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    Pumi Boys' First Snow

    Oh you are so right! they really do! Hey but guys I want one too! Can we take turns?
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    Feel The Love...

    You're pics are always so good! Thanks for sharing, keep on doing it, I love to look at them even if I don't always comment.
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    Lucas pics (More then 2! OMG! lol)

    Yay for Lucas pics! What a good looking dog!
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    I feel terrible, Rocky is no longer with our family

    Somethings are just not meant to be. I'm sure you give it your best. I feel for you though I can't understand the pain it must be.
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    Favorite Picture

    Haha so cute!
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    Red Corgis... They Give THEMSELVES Wings!

    Oh my gosh she is so cute! Looking at her I just melt, there is no way to decribe her!
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    Black and white

    I can't get enough of her! What do you mean no more for awhile? Are you trying to torture me?
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    pink eye

    Last night I noticed a little globby stuff around one eye (yellow) and this morning it is all pink and she tries to scratch it or rub it on the ground. The eye isn't fully opened and it looks like she is rolling it up and to the side so you mainly see the white part of the eye- which is now...
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    Who's that big girl?

    You make my heart jump! I'm so jealous! What a good looking girl, so cute!
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    Lots of Pictures 56k beware.

    Oh what a good looking dog!
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    We seen a white Squirrel pics!!!!!!!

    Oh wow neat! I know they arn't that rare but I only saw my first black one awhile ago.
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    Holy moly..

    Oh my! I don't even have 1,000 yet! Congrats, we love to hear from you!
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    Best places to donate

    What are the best and most efficient charities for helping the hungry?
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    Shiba Puppies (pix!)

    Shibas are on my list of dogs I'm considering getting- In like 10-20 years. Long time frame, I love them so much but I realize they take a lot of experiance. Yours are so cute!