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  1. JoLeigh

    Hello there!

    Welcome you have some gorgeous dogs. Chop could very well be a catahoula mix he is about aver age height and weight for a male :)
  2. JoLeigh

    9mo What how did this happen?!

    Wow I havent really been on here in a long time, since I just had gotten Grimm I think. I cant believe he will be 9 months old in 3 days! Just some phone pictures from the other day hanging out on the porch.
  3. JoLeigh

    Superficial reasons you aren't into certain breeds?

    Grimm's sad you all don't like his eyes. Admittedly when he does the "Catahoula stare" his Bi eyes can be a little unsettling. I can't do excessive drooling Tear stains Coats that need a lot of attention All white (I love in red clay country) Breeds that love EVERYONE
  4. JoLeigh

    Readers-How Do You Picture Characters?

    I "create" characters in my head like others the only ones I equate a real person with are books Ive read after movies or shows
  5. JoLeigh

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    Oh I think I know the breeder you are talking to, pm me? If so you MUST GET ONE!!!
  6. JoLeigh

    Breed Name Slang

    Cat-.... no, never, do not, just dont. Houla- I dont mind it that much at least not as much as a lot of breeders. Leopard Dog/Cur- Technically correct but confusing as Leopard Hounds are also known as Leopard Dog/Cur
  7. JoLeigh

    What IS this?

    She has been adopted :) the rescue is fairly close to where I grew up a have a friend that grooms her litter mate.
  8. JoLeigh

    What IS this?

    I want her!!!
  9. JoLeigh

    Better late then never

    In the 2014 Puppy thread and there is another album a few weeks ago :D Grimm is NALC UKC and hopefully will make it into WCA Conformation and Bay prospect hoping to dabble in some sports he is from a long line of SAR Dogs.
  10. JoLeigh

    Better late then never

    Showing off his "true" colors Growing up Handsome
  11. JoLeigh

    Better late then never

    Firstly dont judge my picture taking skills XD shameless Can you say legs? Stalker Its tiring being this cute The cute The serious And The Derp <3
  12. JoLeigh

    Those of you with bangs...

    I wish I could do straight across bangs my glasses would make them off I think, I have long angled bands now.
  13. JoLeigh

    Favourite colours/markings?

    That is the most perfect mustache ever!!! My favorite colors depends on breed. In Catahoulas though I'm spoiled coming in every color and pattern. Heavy patchwork like my boy, brindle Merle, and solid diluted are done of my favorites though.
  14. JoLeigh

    Which is easier?

    Sex per week depends but normally 10-14 times a week. Though my libido has dropped since I have gotten mirena. That also means I done menstruate any more so no time of the month for me but when I did I was so horny but couldn't handle any penetration. Sex has always had to have been with some...
  15. JoLeigh

    Which is easier?

    A healthy LTR for sure I mean the goods are right there :P That being said I've been alone for a week and will be for another week and a half....... I'm frustrated cranky and my male person needs to hurry up and get home.
  16. JoLeigh

    Worst Poosplosion Ever :(

    Oh my! Poor girl and you let us know what the vet says.
  17. JoLeigh

    The dog musing/vent thread

    Dear puppy, please hush and go to sleep you do not have to pee and I am not letting you out.
  18. JoLeigh

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    He is! He is just perfect! I can't get pictures on here till I get back home Saturday.
  19. JoLeigh

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    OMG OMG GRIMM GETS HERE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to do with myself till 8 tomorrow.
  20. JoLeigh

    Just 9 more days!

    Yup! Uggg this waiting it's going to kill me.