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  1. MicksMom

    New look

    So far I'm not crazy about it. With time I'll probably get used to it, tho.
  2. MicksMom

    Success with a sandbox to get a dog to stop digging?

    We taught our Lab/English Setter mix to dig in the sandbox when our boys were young. He was fairly soft, so it just took taking him to the sandbox when he started digging in the yard or flowers. You can encourage her to dig in a sandbox by burying some treats in it. Start out with them...
  3. MicksMom

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    Takoda's breeder told me to friend her on FB because she updates her page more then the "kennel" one. We're treated to pictures and/or videos and updates numerous times a day. :)
  4. MicksMom

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    We're just hoping Owen doesn't teach him to counter surf and hoard stuff that isn't his. LOL
  5. MicksMom

    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    Have you tried Premier/Pet Safe's Sure Fit harness? I love them. There is a ring on the front that I've used to clip a leash to.
  6. MicksMom

    Let's See Your Dogs in the Snow!

    Our one real snow fall this year. January 24.
  7. MicksMom

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    This little nugget is Takoda (Triple Threat's Imagine). He's coming home in 3 weeks. Feb 3 (birthday) Mar 9 (5 weeks)
  8. MicksMom

    Economical source of cheap fish oil?

    Caleb only got 1 capsule a day (1,000 mg). I think I was getting 150 per bottle. I can't remember now how much I paid for a bottle, but it wasn't all that much. Under $5.
  9. MicksMom

    Victor's Birthday

    Aaww Happy Birthday, Victor. Still as handsome as ever.
  10. MicksMom

    Economical source of cheap fish oil?

    I just bought the human Salmon Oil capsules at WalMart for Caleb. For some weird reason, nobody around here carries Salmon Oil capsules anymore. They all have fish oil or krill ones.
  11. MicksMom

    I took some more pictures today...

    Thanks, guys. That face of his cracks me up every day.
  12. MicksMom

    Pepper and her secret Santa gift

    Aaww! That reminds me of Caleb and his Tickle Me Elmo.
  13. MicksMom

    Owen my be a hoarder, but...

    at least he's a neat one.
  14. MicksMom

    Eukanuba/AKC Classic...

    She's something, isn't she? So is Linda. I'm so happy for her. Due to a glitch with the board, I wasn't able to edit my OP to add (or get back here til now) that a former Chazzer placed 8th overall in the Open class.
  15. MicksMom

    Eukanuba/AKC Classic...

    is this weekend in Orlando. All kinds of dog events- conformation, obedience, dock diving, agility, as well as Juniors. I know a bunch of people who are showing, mostly in obedience. I just heard that Linda Brennan, the "head trainer" at Top Dog, and her black Lab, Heart WON THE OBEDIENCE...
  16. MicksMom

    Need your help!

    Has your uncle looked into CareCredit?
  17. MicksMom

    Cherrybrook Grooming Spray & Waterless Shampoo...

    20% off! Shears, too.