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  1. Kootenay

    Gorilla Boy

    He's looking awesome! What a gorgeous boy, and he sounds like he has a lovely temperament as well.
  2. Kootenay

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    Ahh, puppy threads <3!! So much cuteness! I have such a soft spot for Shelties and black bi is so stunning, Kane is just way too cute!
  3. Kootenay

    Naming help for future puppy

    I love Revel! It was on the short list when I was naming Onyx. I haven't heard of any other dogs with that name but I'm sure there are out there, especially in the agility world ;) It does sound quite a bit like Rebel, I thought people would always think that was my dog's name, but not a big deal.
  4. Kootenay

    Some outdoor fun time with Jackson, Lola & horse, Tico

    These are lovely! Nice lighting in some of them. Super cute pups :)
  5. Kootenay

    Spring with Siege & Legion (new siegespawn!)

    Yaaaaaaaaay!! I love these! I like the forum because I get to see ALL the photos instead of just a few on FB. Legion is the most gorgeous fluff ever!
  6. Kootenay

    Lets see your horses!!

    I guess it would depend on what the horse was used to, but I have found collection with a bitless bridle to be just the same as with a bit - except with way less resistance in the case of my guys :) Emir is super soft and supple and has beautiful collection, he's only been ridden bitless...
  7. Kootenay

    Lets see your horses!!

    I do ride bitless exclusively, I have just found that it works WAY better for my horses and me. I have a Dr. Cook (or, did I stayed with Dancer) and a Lightrider that I use with Emir. I like both of them, I kind of think the Dr. Cook set up makes more sense actually, but Emir is...
  8. Kootenay

    So called "wolf hybrids"

    Arg almost nothing bothers me more than people claiming wolf content in dogs who clearly have none! Definitely a malamute in that video. That being said...for your average person, definitely better they go out and buy their "wolfdog" and it's actually a Malamute/Husky/GSD etc mix. Life will...
  9. Kootenay

    Lets see your horses!!

    I guess I'll add my horse story! I got "my" first pony when I was 5, I think mostly because my mom had always wanted a horse ;) That's not entirely true, I was an animal crazy kid and I'm sure I really wanted a horse, but we definitely shared him. His name was Sundance and he was a...
  10. Kootenay

    Lets see your horses!!

    Awesome to read all these replies/stories and see the photos! I didn't know that some of you had (or used to have) horses. A bunch of very pretty ponies! Liminal, she really does look VERY Arab-like! She's a pretty girl :) Well, at this point I pretty much exclusively trail ride, so that...
  11. Kootenay

    Lets see your horses!!

    As a spinoff of my new baby horse thread, I realized there are quite a few horsey people on here. I'd love to see pics and hear about them!
  12. Kootenay

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    Yeah I really like her mom too! I hadn't really checked her out before going to meet 3-month old Gitana last fall, but she's very pretty. Here are a few more pics of her...she rears on cue, clearly haha With newborn Gitana She sounds like a score! Do you have any photos of...
  13. Kootenay

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    Oh that's super exciting, tell me about your new horse! This is her sire, I don't have any photos of him fully mature as he was sold at 3. I think he's about 3 here As a yearling With Gitana's mom, pure Paso Fino Her mom again And her grandsire, the...
  14. Kootenay

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    I also have zero experience with gaited horses! This is very new to me, haha. I loved her Andalusian grandfather and her Paso x Andalusian sire, I never had really looked into Pasos all that much, but when this opportunity came along I had to jump on it. I also have a huge soft spot for Duns so...
  15. Kootenay

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    I am not sure yet! She is 3/4 Paso Fino so it is very likely. She hasn't displayed it yet but I'm under the impression that it sometimes won't show up until they are under saddle. Either way, I don't care too much. She moves really nice so far!
  16. Kootenay

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    And some wintery photos from a few weeks back.. A few more...
  17. Kootenay

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    I got a new baby!! Meet Gitana :) She's a 7 month old (as of today!) Paso Fino x Andalusian filly. I'm super excited about her! She's pretty fuzzy and baby awkward of course but she'll be a gorgeous beast one day ;) These photos are from our ride today, she gets to follow along since we can...
  18. Kootenay

    Selfish dumdum dog

    Hahaha...this is great