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    Really Creepy

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    Really Creepy

    she dont got no undiagnostic cancer or some **** whatever that means. so u dont have to be all up in my face gettin me all worried up bout mi dog, u hear? so dont post if u aint gonna say no HELPFUL ****.
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    Really Creepy

    the vet didn't really see them.
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    Really Creepy

    i took her to the vet just a few days ago..and he checked everything and said she was perfectly healthy...Her behavior or appearance hasnt changed or anything. it's just these stupid lumps on her sides...she's had them before. and nothing happened then.
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    Really Creepy

    yup. thats my doggy. kiki. THREE years in march. yorkie. 7 pounds. the lumps are like...1-2 centimeters wide....on both her can grab it. freaky...but no other problems in's just odd. anyone know?
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    Puppy poop question

    when my dog was about...11 weeks or so, she didn't poop that much. it should be about...2-3 times a day, or less. As for pee, they should pee 10 minutes after they eat. Which equals to about 3-4 times a day. Unless they get super thirsty.
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    An extremely strange question

    TOBACCO SAUCE?!?!?! *gasp*, that dog has good taste. ROFLss anyway, it's definitely not good for them. i would say it's almost as bad as chocolate. The spice gets to their stomach...and does SOMETHING, i guess. -____-;;
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    Dogs & Chocolate & How Much is Deadly

    Once my puppy ran away with an m&m. and I totally freaked out. LOL and she spit it out and it went rolling down the living room~ x]