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  1. Dex

    Dogs and College!

    These answers are from years ago when I adopted Dodger as a sophomore in college. Extra time - Almost all of it went to Dodger. He had severe SA though so I didn't have much choice but to work on that or do things he could be included in. Which is fine by me.. that's why I'm so involved in...
  2. Dex

    Fenzi Courses

    I signed up for these two at the bronze level. AG200: Foundation Jumping for All Sports FE220: Control that Crazy Canine - Developing Impulse Control in the Competition Dog PWCorgi is doing Control that Crazy Canine too so we'll get to practice skills with each other!
  3. Dex

    Human stuff you want right now

    A fat bike and a GoPro. Pretty sure Santa is taking care of the fat bike though :D
  4. Dex

    What are you currently playing?

    SO and I are the same server.... :( I'm going to be grateful though that I'm only at 576 in queue right now. At least that's better than 1086!
  5. Dex

    What are you currently playing?

    The worst part is that my SO is sitting next to me playing it... how can he log in and I can't?! It doesn't make any sense!!!!
  6. Dex

    What are you currently playing?

    WOD!!!! If only I could log in....
  7. Dex

    How old do people think your dogs are?

    Ohhh I love this question!!! So first, real ages: Dodger is 9 as of Monday, Codex turns 4 next Monday. I've had people say within the last year: - Dodger must be the younger of the two dogs - Dodger must be a year old since he's a big puppy - Insert 10's of different ways to say: Dodger...
  8. Dex

    The arboreal dog thread

    Dodger only climbs trees to strike majestic poses for the camera. Then he climbs down.
  9. Dex

    Show me your car set up

    My current set up! I have this photo handy because it made me laugh. I originally had the wire kennel (for Dodger) on the right, and the crate on the left (for Dex). I switched them because I wanted the larger kennel behind the 2nd row seat. Poor Dodger just couldn't figure out why his...
  10. Dex

    Generalizations You Dislike

    YES! This, so much!! Long Conversation Short: I had a person tell me recently that they want to get "a Codex" for disc dog so they can win things too.. apparently I only win because of my dog. We do well because we're a team and we practice... the person that said this to me is just looking...
  11. Dex

    Favorite picture?

    Hard to pick just one favorite photo, but I was able to narrow it down to 2 photos of each dog! All photo credit goes to Don Nguyen! Codex as Chewbacca. I love this photo because it's so serious but also... she's dressed as Chewbacca. Codex in 100% pure joy mode. I don't think she...
  12. Dex

    Generalizations You Dislike

    "Tugging makes dogs aggressive" Edit - I like the all new threads you are making!
  13. Dex

    Hello there!

    Awesome! I like Garp, he's awesome.
  14. Dex

    Favorite Tricks?

    Great question!! What are your favorite tricks/cue/behaviors to teach your dogs? I love scoots and rebounds. Scoots because they are so versatile and seem really complex (but aren't too hard at all). They're one of my favorite set up moves too. I've used my scoots to teach backwards...
  15. Dex

    Hello there!

    Hey I think I recognize Garp! He plays a little disc too doesn't he?
  16. Dex

    what are you looking forward to?

    Visiting Sara in a few weeks!!!
  17. Dex

    I need your help Chazzers! (it's easy, I promise!)

    Thanks!! That first move... one day.. one day... we are working on it but we just can't manage when there are discs involved (yet!) :( That second video is crazy amazing, makes me want to go do some dance classes so I can learn how to move a little better! Thanks for sharing some videos!
  18. Dex

    I need your help Chazzers! (it's easy, I promise!)

    PS - As a thank you for your help here is a video of our routine from a competition this summer. The dog before us peed right in the middle of the field and Codex was reeeeaaaalllly into those smells, but we recovered eventually. VGXwDky_CxA
  19. Dex

    I need your help Chazzers! (it's easy, I promise!)

    So I've been feeling a little stuck lately with Codex and our freestyle routine in disc dog. I've got the world at my fingertips via youtube and somehow I just end up watching the same videos over and over!! This is where I need your help! Please post your favorite disc dog youtube video...
  20. Dex

    The DNA Results are in!!

    I waited until I found a good deal on it to do it. The original $80 price tag was a no go, but I ended up paying $30 for mine at a Pet Expo!