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  1. Triton


    This is Triton when he was 2 days old.
  2. Chyna and Wooky

    Chyna and Wooky

    This is my APBT, Chyna, and one of our kittens, Wooky, sharing a bowl of dog food.
  3. Chyna and Triton at the park

    Chyna and Triton at the park

  4. Tyson


  5. Triton and Scout

    Triton and Scout

  6. Triton


  7. Triton


  8. Chyna


  9. Chyna


  10. O

    sagging boobies

    Cool. Thank you very much.
  11. O

    sagging boobies

    My baby, Chyna had her first litter of pups (9 little ones) and has now stopped feeding them. My question is is it possible to get her boobies back to normal? If not do you have any tips to minimize the sagging? Thanks, you guys.
  12. O

    Hi everyone!

    My dog's name is Chyna. She is a two year old APBT. I hope to learn a lot about how to take better care of my babygirl and to also give a little back to this community :) Me and Chyna