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    the ritzy rover I love laughing and browsing through these sites
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    Homemade puppy teething toy

    Did the frozen washcloth work? I need a chew toy that he can't digest like bones. They are sooo not interested in the rubber toys which is too bad.
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    Maxie in the Backyard!

    YOU MUST TELL US! How do you keep such a nice green lawn with a dog?!!! I can't keep grass alive with my dogs and all my dog owner friends have the same problem!
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    Is this site made with a free script?

    It looks very familiar as a forum script. I am wondering what script it is and whether or not there were any modifications done to it. I really like the notifications (that we receive one notification and only receive more if you visit the link) I'd like to use a script like that if you don't...
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    Who is Who on here? *ALL PEOPLE POST!!!*

    thanks for the post its nice to have faces with the messages AND you made me realize I don't have a single pic of me with my pups!
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    Teeth and gums licking

    I can't find any other posts about this. My jack constantly licks the gums and teeth of our puppy. Why? Should I stop him?
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    raw potatos good for dogs

    Thanks so much for this list! But some of these things on the list really surprise me. Do you know the source of the info? I'm really concerned about the fruit pits. We have fruit trees in our yard and my dog and puppy love eating the cherry pits and since there are thousands of them it would be...
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    What Would You Do? (neighbor rant =x )

    Be carefull, I have a problem with one neighbor who complained the very first day we moved in. I tried to tell her my dog was just new to the house so barking at his shadow (it was just the first day afterall) and this one incident has fuelled a never-ending battle. In the end I would have to...
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    Can Not Find Trainer!!!

    thanks I ordered those books from amazon a few weeks ago just still waiting!
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    Doggy doors for big dogs

    My life changed when we got a doggy door for our little jack. It was a god send. Now I went and got a big dog... no... HUGE dog and can't stand the idea of not having a doggy door. But I don't trust the big doors in terms of security against break-ins. Any suggestions? We are doing construction...
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    Rainy day strategies?

    Does anyone have some nifty rainy day strategies? I'm talking about how to keep my house from becoming a mud pitt not activities for the dogs. I am actually going to loose my mind soon. Its been raining non stop and as a result my house is covered in mud. looking for ideas more creative than...
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    Can Not Find Trainer!!!

    There are very few trainers listed in the Paris area where we live and each one I contacted uses the choker chain, punishment methods. My puppy is now 6 months so I want to start soon but I CAN NOT FIND a trainer that uses the reward training method. Can I train myself if armed only with...
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    potty training yard or walks

    My 6mo bernese pup is far from being potty trained. It is EXTREMELY frustrating. I have read enough here and in books to know what needs to be done but I have a new problem that I haven't come across. He will not do his business on walks. He will go outside in the yard or in the house (grrr)...
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    please sign it

    As much as I regret seeing those pictures I think its a good thing you included them. Pigs are treated the same way in Asia. All animals need to be protected. Humans are still so unevolved. I am not a vegetarian, but I would like to know that animals are treated better. The only way I know is...
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    Yell at me!

    yay! It was a losing battle trying to keep him away so I'm glad to hear I can abbandon it. He is starting to do more and more outside so hopefully its no longer a question. Thanks for the input!
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    Animal Testing on Dogs

    Its too late for me now, but incase it ever happens to anyone else, and maybe to help the guilt I have always had, I'd like to pose a question. My first dog of my own was kidnapped out of my backyard. My first reaction was that he somehow got away. But, his collar was hanging up on a post and...
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    Dog breeds you would never own

    Jack Russell! I would never get another despite how much I adore mine. I had researched alot before getting him but in the end I was not up to the challenge. He's a bit out of control.
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    For fun see if you match your dog!

    amazing! 100% Swiss mountain dog which is what I set out to get when I went to the breeder but fell in love with a bernese puppy despite the long hair I didn't want to have to vacuum.
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    Pictures of your Puppies

    Post a photo I don't think you can. It would be very expensive for the site owners to allow people to upload their images and stock them on their web server. Create an album on any of the free sites like : etc.
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    A good yelp works wonders. When our jack was a puppy our handyman gave big dramatic yelps and pretending to cry at the slightest nip. We laughed at his drama queen show but to this day when he's around the dog, the dog is soooo carefull. He never forgot the big yelp that startled him.