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  1. Candy says "Hi, everyone!!"

    Candy says "Hi, everyone!!"

    Hello, everyone!! I haven't been here fer awhile, so's I thought I wood dwop bye!! Xcuse da spellin. I was 2 bizee with all my boyfriends in school, when I shoulda been a studying mi spellin.Dis is da latest pic of me, taken yesterday. Is I still DA BOMB or what?? Luv all of ya!! Candee Ladie.
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    Comment by 'Popeye235' in media 'My New Hairdo!!'

    Hi Freddy!! Thank you so much fer yur comments on my new doo!! How have yee been doing?? I looks at yur photo all da tyme and dweam about ya!! Woof! Ruff! Do ya still got dat beefy little chest of yurs?? Bowsy! Wowsy! I gotta go fer now! Must take a nap!! Getting mee hair wacked off made me...
  3. My New Hairdo!!

    My New Hairdo!!

    Hi everybody!! Just wanted to show all you nice people out there my new summer hair-do!! Bow Wow and Ruff Ruff!! Candy!
  4. I is spoiled ROTTEN, I tell ya!!

    I is spoiled ROTTEN, I tell ya!!

  5. Hi everyone!!

    Hi everyone!!

    Me Pops just gave me a bath and I is snuggled up all clean and comfy!! Candy!!
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    Comment by 'Popeye235' in media 'Mr. Freddy Gambino!!'

    Darn yur hide, Fredster!! That half a pizza ya found the other night made me sick!! Now me Pops has to rub me belly to sooth the cramps!! I am grounded fer a week, too!! It seems I stepped on some red paint in that garbage dump we was in and Mums and Pops were not too happy at da footprints I...
  7. Da  Romeo!!

    Da Romeo!!

    Hi, Mr. Freddy!! You look so fine setting there posing!! Is you thinking of me?? You better be, you rascal!! Luv ya! Candy!! Woof! Woof!
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    Comment by 'Popeye235' in media 'Da Candee Queen!!'

    Hi ya Freddy!! I got a dumpster staked out behind Bugger King!! You watch my back, you little gangster, whilst I raid it, pleeeeze??? And then after I eat I let ya my pink tummy!! Deal, Mr. Gambino? You is da bomb!! Smoochies!!!!
  9. Da Candee Queen!!

    Da Candee Queen!!

    I is spoiled, a con artist, and a heartbreaker!!! What a life I live!! Bowsy, Wowsy!! {I even sold an icecube to an Eskimo!! Woooooof!!!}
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    Comment by 'Popeye235' in media 'Freddy Gambino'

    Hiya, Fredster!! Looks like yur getting a hefty chest on yee!! You been benchpressing doggie bones?? I is impressed!! BOW! WOW! Candy Lady!!
  11. Freddy   Gambino

    Freddy Gambino

    Hi Freddy!! I is so glad you could join me on this here site!! You is DA LADIES MAN!!! Woof! Woof! Luv ya!! Candy Lady!
  12. Mr. Freddy Gambino!!

    Mr. Freddy Gambino!!

    Freddy and da Candy Lady!! Bow Wow!!!!!!!
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    Comment by 'Popeye235' in media 'Candy Lady'

    Hi, Freddy Gambino!! Me thinks ya is a flirting with me!! You clever, little chuahuahua you!! I is very flattered to say da least!! Now I must go take me a beauty rest!! Woof! Woof! (PS, You is a handsome little devil yourself!! :) :) )
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    Comment by 'Popeye235' in media 'Candy Lady'

    The Candy Lady appreciates all of your nice comments!!! Woof!! Woof!! :) :)
  15. Candy Lady

    Candy Lady

    The most lovable dog on earth!! A real joy to have!