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    Puppies @Keechak Aussies

    Best of luck for successful breeding and I can't wait for the puppies to show. :D Yet another litter with lines i like I'll have to just love from the internet.
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    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    My goal is to build on what I started in 2015. Now that my knee seems to have healed, I can get back to running and now that I've hired more staff, I can get back into my run club and work my way back up to doing four miles per run. Would love to start shaving time off at some point...
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    A Sucky Deal

    If Josh is on board with you going the cowhorse route, I say GO FOR IT. I'm much like Sara in supporting crazy gambles if it means living your dream. I'm doing the responsible thing right now with my job (i.e. keeping it because I need the work history to buy a condo in the next couple...
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    Totally Overstimulated Outside

    I haven't had time to watch the videos but what jumped out at me in your initial few posts was the fact that your husband is "all about exercise and play". That's the majority of Watson's outlet right now, yes? He goes from all this well-laid out, structured training, to a whole slew of huge...
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    2014 Official Chaz Fitness Challenge

    TOUGH MUDDER IS THIS WEEKEND I AM GOING TO DIE. Work has been so crazy that I've *really* slacked off on my training and I'm a little worried now because of the altitude we'll be running at and being overly tired from work and and and... BUT I AM DOING TOUGH MUDDER, DAGNABIT.
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    The musing thread

    If the pay is good and you otherwise like the company, I'd stick it out for a month and see if it improves any. Maybe tins just a slow period?
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    The musing thread

    Job No. 2 would be an ongoing thing, it's not a contractor or short-term thing. I'm still not entirely sure what the proper term for it would be; one of my buddies is the one heading that department and has been keeping me in the loop for the most part as he gets everything put together and...
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    The musing thread

    I can't wait to read your adventures!
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    The musing thread

    I got a call last night to gauge my interest in hearing a job proposal when they get the details fully hashed out, which would be happening in the next 30 days. The pay is $20K more a year than what I'm making now and I'm apparently the first choice for this position, but it's a lot of...
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    For Victor's friends

    I need my Smkie and Vic fix. SOON.
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    HELP - My hair is falling out!

    I'm molting/shedding/going bald myself. I've lost a noticable amount of hair in the last few months and I'm not entirely sure if it's just summer coat blow :rofl1: , the new shampoo and conditioner I've been using, the last dye job I had done or a combination of all three. I'm going to lay off...
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    Snapshot from your day

    Hanging out with EliNHunter and caught Sawyer looking like a movie poster hero:
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    STOP MAKING ME WANT A 'ZOI. That's a literal basket full of adorable.
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    Our third dog Oddie:) Breed guesses?

    Exactly what I thought!
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    For Victor's friends

    His eyes look to be a little less clouded? Such a sweet, sweet boy. I miss you all.
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    Happy Birthday Huckleberry T. Finn!

    Sort of. I think I'm a week off, but anyway! Huck a few days before she came to Colorado, when we thought she was a he: And a year later: She's a pretty cool cat and I can't say enough good about the awesome start Smkie and Hyia have her.
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    Hyia is learning

    AHH why do you have to have a mitten-pawed calico??? There was always at least one of those on the farm and they were my most favorite. Hyia and you did a fabulous job with the last litter, I have NEVER had to worry about Huck going outside her litter box (unless I accidentally go too long...
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    I just saw this...I am so very sorry! You gave him the best life a horse could hope for.
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    The Good News thread

    FANTASTIC!! I am so excited for/proud of you!!
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    I do a smoothie every morning! 8oz unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop Chocolate Juice Plus+ Complete 1 teaspoon chia seeds (Bob's Red Mill brand) 1 tablespoon-ish of smooth natural peanut butter I can mix all that up with just a blender bottle I picked up at Walgreen's. If I time to...