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  1. Brattina88

    So what do I need to do....

    I think it was gradual. A couple owner changes. Tech issues. Chaz was down or wouldn’t load a lot and I think that’s when a lot of us connected on FB. We also had spam issues and I think that’s when that owner was unresponsive. Then we lost the quick reply option for a while and had to type in...
  2. Brattina88

    So what do I need to do....

    I agree with Coop, I think this ship has sailed. We had a similar thread 4 years ago FB is much easier to navigate and I’m in some pretty awesome groups that are nicely moderated by members who I actually met on here. Great...
  3. Brattina88

    Dry dog food and wet dog food, which one is the best choice for puppies?

    That’s actually a common misconception. Dry dog food does not help with teeth; that would be like the equivalent of us eating Cheerios and saying that helps brush our teeth like a toothbrush. It’s really owner preference. A lot of people feed both. Wet can be more costly
  4. Brattina88

    Satin balls and diahorrea

    What kibble are you feeding? Satin balls can be a good additive for some dogs to put on weight. Sometimes shepherds and huskies are notorious for being hard to put weight on.... if it’s giving them diarrhea it may be too rich or just a tad too much for them. You could try cutting them in half...
  5. Brattina88


    You're right, he does belong here <3 Love Auggie so hard. I'm very sorry for your loss ((((((hugs)))))
  6. Brattina88

    Sheltie-Papillion Cross: Smart, Yappy, Very Loving!

    Aww that'd be the perfect mix for me!
  7. Brattina88

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    I love his blaze. Are you going to keep his name?
  8. Brattina88

    New look

    We've wanted this things for so long and now it seems weird hahaha :p
  9. Brattina88

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Your new puppy is cute!!
  10. Brattina88

    What happened?

    I'm still here! :) I check everyday But yea Facebook :o
  11. Brattina88

    Let's Be Controversial

    Yes to all of these. Plus vets. Because 17 year olds who haven't graduated from high school know more than vets.... Because they've read articles on the 'net! :rofl1:
  12. Brattina88

    Petfinder Want Thread

    Awwwww he's adorable I want him too :o
  13. Brattina88

    Chicago Meet Up?

    This should be a thing. Because I'll actually have the money to go this year :rofl1:
  14. Brattina88

    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    "Really? REALLY?!" "Leave it" "Who's my good/best girl?" / "you're my good/best girl!" And to Maddie "would you PLEASE act you're age!?!?" (Only I don't really mean it... Mostly) :p
  15. Brattina88

    Do TB tests hurt?

    I've had it done several times over the years for work. Doesn't hurt at all!
  16. Brattina88

    Siege's Snow Day (and something else, too?)

    I love your pictures!!!! I am in denial about the forum being dead too lol Cute puppy, too
  17. Brattina88

    Those with multiple dogs...

    The first solid week you'd think Maddie hated Bailey. But that's how she does with fosters too until they learn what's acceptable and not acceptable. Now they both initiate play and wrestle and play, usually when I come home from work or after a walk. Bailey will tease her with a toy until they...