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    Official 2014 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    Ah! I can't believe I missed it! Bummer. I'm looking forward to seeing all the pics come in late December, :)
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    I swear I have dogs.

    Xandra, Thanks! Yeah, Duncan has the sweet innocent face going for him, ha ha. Some times when he manages a sad face he looks like he should do SPCA commercials. I don't have any pics of him as a puppy (no camera at the time) but he was a lot darker and was listed as brindle and he was so...
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    It's someone's birthday...

    Yay! Happy Birthday! He is such a sweet looking birthday boy! <3
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    Feeding raw, when are pork bones too big?

    I know you aren't supposed to feed weight bearing bones, but I'm also not entirely sure what that means, :P When are pork bones too big and risk chipping teeth? Ps: wondering cause I got bigger than usually cuts of pork and am eyeing the bone like to give? or not to give? that is the question.
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    Dock Dogs [Pics]

    Great shots! The last one made me laugh, :)
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    I swear I have dogs.

    I don't post a ton of pics, but I do have dogs, ha ha ha. One day Cam got a bath. It was horrible for her. Then she barked out the window and settled in front of the AC for this pic. One time Cam was outside and I took a picture of her through the door window. And then I went out...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    My mum and I took Cameron to this outside ice cream place and she so was sooooo good! Like, it was way more busy than it usually is, and there were easily 30 people in line, but Cam stayed with my mum by the tables and away from the line. When we pulled in and let Cam out people stared and...
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    Teenage Big Game Hunter...

    Have you heard of this wonderful Hungarian specimen?? This mangalitsa is a wooly pig!!! Silky Chicken anyone??
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    Teenage Big Game Hunter...

    Saw this floating around facebook. Surprisingly, I feel pretty detached from it. I don't feel very strongly either way. I think it's weird that she looks so happy in the photos, and that her hair looks good (like did she fix her hair before the photos or does it just not get messed up?)...
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    "SDs" at Airport?

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    Calling all Dog Trainers

    Also, try thinking about the trainers you like and how they teach. Write a list and think of ways you can incorporate their methods or style (without stealing their work). Like, if I had to teach about environmental cues I would probably start with a funny story about an environmental cue...
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    Calling all Dog Trainers

    I second the outline part. But also, practice practice practice. People think it's weird to practice a presentation, or they practice a presentation but they don't take it seriously, but that will make a huge difference. You should also have a quick/cheat sheet of definitions and examples...
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    Would you tell a chazzer if you thought their dogs were too thin or too fat?

    I was reading through an old thread and a few people were going back and forth about whether or not an ex-chazzers dogs were too thin. Several people had thought so but said they didn't say anything. So it got me curious. I probably wouldn't say anything but only because I tend to think of...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Duncan barked at the thunder, ha ha ha. I can laugh about it because he wasn't scared, we just don't get thunder a lot so it took him a while to figure out that barking after every clap and bang wasn't going anything. It's hot outside and it's making it difficult to exercise the dogs. :(
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    Suggest a Breed for Me!

    I should mention that what might be downside to English Shepherds is that they can/do like to police other dogs, so your other dog may not appreciate this new tattle tail, :P But there are ES people on here who have way more experience and can tell you more than I can. But I also don't...
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    Suggest a Breed for Me!

    English Shepherds can come in over 50lbs depending on the breeding, and a good chance if a male. Can I interrogate you a little? Lol Do you want serious dog or goofy dog or...? Are there any dog looks you can't stand, like helicopter ears or something? Does the dog have to be good with...
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    Summer time in NH

    Aww! They are so cute, I love seeing pictures of this duo. They look so happy and enthusiastic.
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    Treat stealing from other dog

    Oh the word of trying to work with my two dogs at the same time. Usually Duncan does a down-stay while I work with Cameron (this is pretty new and has been going well and I feel like there's been a decline in food related conflicts because of it) but today Cameron figured out that Duncan...
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    Licking the Plate?

    No, because I hate the sound of licking. Just slurping noises and ugh no thank you!
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    The Venting Thread

    My ex_landlord emailed one of my old flatmates and included pics of my room before I moved out and described it as a wreck. Like, yep, I'm a slob, but my roommate was the same way so it's not like it bothered him and it's not the business of the other people I lived with. We all signed the...