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  1. AmandaNola

    What does your family think of your dogs?

    My parents LOVE my dogs. My mom favors Nola and Olivia, and my dad has a soft spot for Pike. They're almost bigger dog people than I am. One of my sisters doesn't care for my dogs, one likes them for the most part, and the youngest adore them. One brother likes them well enough, one is...
  2. AmandaNola

    Differences Between Male/Female Dogs

    Forgot about adding which I prefer! Bitches all the way. :p I can't see myself ever intentionally seeking out another boy. I've always meshed better with female dogs, they're (generally) smaller, leg lifting grosses me out (I know some girls do it too though), and it's so much more fun shopping...
  3. AmandaNola

    Differences Between Male/Female Dogs

    (on my phone, please excuse typos!) I definitely think the major influence is nurture rather than nature, and also on breed. However, I've noticed a few differences, enough to know which sex I prefer. I have four dogs, three females and a male. Two altered, two intact (will be spayed at...
  4. AmandaNola

    Dog-Related Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals! is having 30% off certain things. Bought a 30lb bag of Blue Buffalo (not my fav, but couldn't pass the price up), 20z and 5os bags of Old Mother Hubbard treats, and a bag of Wellness treats for $55. is suppose to be having some great deals soon, too. Fetching Tags is having a...
  5. AmandaNola

    Top 3 breeds you'll want someday and why?

    So hard to list just 3! - Jack or Parson Russell Terrier. I love everything about those whirlwind freaks. Small enough to be easy to travel with, active enough to be a running partner on the days Nola deems running with me a stupid activity. Adorable, smart, a terror. They're very similar...
  6. AmandaNola

    Your Dog/s Bedtime/Wakeup Time

    Nola sleeps when I sleep and is up when I'm up. No matter if it's bed at 10pm or 3am, up at 6am or up at 930am, she's ready to go. So long as she's let out to potty before sleep, she won't wake me up unless she's sick. Pike is early to bed, early to rise, ugh. He's gotten a bit better at it...
  7. AmandaNola

    How is your dog with strangers?

    Nola - The very definition of aloof. She's not at all shy, just very much a one person dog. She doesn't seek out people. She'll tolerate petting and being fussed over, but it's just that: tolerating. She's fine with men, women, and kids. She's the dog that goes with me everywhere because she...
  8. AmandaNola

    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    I have four. Two high energy, one that will go for walks and plays a few times a day but is happiest being a rug :p, and my newest addition and rescue. She's only been here two weeks and is in awful shape (mange, starved), so I don't know how she'll be. 3 are small dogs. I like four, so long...
  9. AmandaNola

    Favorite and least favorite boarding/daycare breeds

    This is from a brief stint of working at a daycare, plus shelter volunteering and working as a dog walker before moving here. Labs: No. Please, just no. Either neurotic or dumb as a box of rocks, can't read other dogs' body language, and body slam central. Corgis: Assholes, but fun in a...
  10. AmandaNola

    Is your dog a dog park dog?

    All my dogs are dog beach dogs. And by dog beach, I mean the dog beach we have here which is like 4 miles of empty beach where you might see 10-15 dogs at the height of season and maybe two off season. I do leash Pike and Olivia when we pass by other dogs, but Nola will heel and ignore...
  11. AmandaNola

    Let's breed match each other.

    Hm. I'd say lab minus the last one. There's a few pointers in my area that fit this spot on ("English" ones). Aussie? :p 1. I like medium-high energy and drive dogs who are Velcro. Very handler oriented. Playful and fun loving. Scrappy is a bonus! Very in tune with me. Not huge on other...
  12. AmandaNola

    Do you trust people to watch your dog(s)?

    I hate leaving my dogs (especially Nola. Especially her) with anyone, but if I had to, I only trust my parents. Nola comes with me unless it's just not possible, but the other two sometimes stay with them and sometimes come, or I'll take Nola and Pike or Nola and Livvy.
  13. AmandaNola

    What breeds do you see at your local Petsmart?

    Bullies. Lots and lots of bullies. Fat, medium sized standard red or Black and Tan dachshunds (never seen a long, wire, true mini or fit one). Chi and chi mixes. Doodles galore. Great Danes. Hound mixes. Beagles. Toy and Mini poodles, with various other "poos". Shih Tzus. Lots of labs and goldens.
  14. AmandaNola

    Collar wants!

    All from Paco: Paisely Another X Dog V-Neck Unicorn Another Stardust More leashes
  15. AmandaNola

    Breeds you would have never considered owning until you met one

    I hated dachshunds until I met a well bred, fit, well trained girl. Now I have two. :D
  16. AmandaNola

    Would you get a breed sight unseen?

    I would, after researching everything possible about them and searching out owners of the breed (thank you, FB!). Like some people have said, what you see with a dog out in public isn't always what you get. If you saw Nola in public you'd think she was a flawlessly behaved, quiet...
  17. AmandaNola

    If one of your dogs could live forever...

    Nola. No question. She is my heart.
  18. AmandaNola

    Butter soft leather leash

    Paco. The tan is especially soft right off the bat.
  19. AmandaNola

    Would your dog(s) do well in an apartment?

    Nola and I lived in an apartment for 6 months and she did fine with enough exercise. She's crate trained and will quit barking on command, she's house trained and isn't destructive. With enough exercise, that is. Pike would be fine too, IF he could run each day. If he can't, he chews...
  20. AmandaNola

    Is your dog also your favorite breed?

    Nola is my favorite dog, my heart dog, but the dachshund breed is not my favorite. She's everything I could ask for, probably because she doesn't act like an average dachshund. Pike (MAS) is one of my favorite breeds. There's a few things I'd change (mostly that bark, and I'd like to shower...