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  1. HarleysMomma

    Stack 'Em!

    Thanks!! I will try!! :)
  2. HarleysMomma

    Dog Park FUN! (picture spam)

    Ditto ^^ Your dog park is a lot bigger than mine and it has col tunnels and water. My citys dog park is just a big fenced in area with another one on the other side for little dogs with a little water fountain for dogs and owners.
  3. HarleysMomma

    Stack 'Em!

    I might try to do this. Love everyone elses photos btw Harley hates when anyone touches his paws. Once someone touches one he rolls over. Its quite sad. Maybe I will do it with my sisters dog.
  4. HarleysMomma

    How to tire out a greyhound - give her a collie!

    MADDY!! She is so beautiful!! LMAO at the doggy booty shots.Love the pics looks like they had a fabulous time!! :)
  5. HarleysMomma

    Small/Large dog parks

    The dog park in my area has a smaller separate area for the smaller dogs but its up to the owner if they want to put them in that area they are not restricted to the area.
  6. HarleysMomma

    (pics) Bath and playing agility.

    I love the pics of her while she is jumping over the jumps Lacey is sooo cute
  7. HarleysMomma

    Week 5 Outtakes

    what a cute idea!! Izzie is perfect
  8. HarleysMomma

    More Chloe and Violet Pictures - Best Friends!

    I love the pics of Violet sleeping on her back on the couch reminds me of Mr. Harley :) She is precious and Chloe is always a super cutie pie
  9. HarleysMomma

    Bamm and Cricket photos!!!!

    beautiful pictures kind of jealous about how gorgeous your pictures always turn out :p LOL I always enjoy look at pics of Bamm and I will now enjoy pics of Cricket :)
  10. HarleysMomma

    5/52: Colours!

    This is the best I can do this week. (Ignore the clothes on the right, I tried cropping most of it out but if I cropped anymore out, I would crop some of Harley and *gasp* I couldnt do such a thing!! LOL)
  11. HarleysMomma

    Emma's Adventure

    she just looks so happy to be there!! Fantastic pictures it must've been hard to choose just one
  12. HarleysMomma

    Colors Photos

    beautiful pictures!! I also am jealous of your grass and flowers and sun XD
  13. HarleysMomma

    Adventure Time!

    We're actually triplets. We have another sister but she doesnt live with us, she still lives at home.
  14. HarleysMomma

    Bostons, pitties, and kiddies, oh my! *IMG HEAVY*

    lovely shots that would look beautiful when framed!!
  15. HarleysMomma

    4/52 out takes... and some of Shelby the Sheltie too

    Shelby is a lil' cutie too!! hehe
  16. HarleysMomma

    4/52 out takes... and some of Shelby the Sheltie too

    awww nice shots!! I love the last one soo much!! Super cute!! I love Maddie, she is soo pretty.
  17. HarleysMomma

    5/52: Colours!

    This one is gonna be fun!! I have an idea of what I wanna do, I can't wait to see everyone else's pictures!!
  18. HarleysMomma

    Adventure Time!

    Only if it doesn't get on me LOL The dogs love taking baths and I dont mind giving them a nice long doggy bath when they need it