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  1. Kalyxa

    Fall 2014 Semester Thread!

    Yay fellow students! I'm taking Physics, Organic Chemistry and 3rd year Russian every quarter this year. It's going to be so boooring but they are all required (General Biology major and Russian Language Minor). So far all classes are going well and are interesting! My physics professor...
  2. Kalyxa

    The dog musing/vent thread

    After years and years of research I've finally discovered that there is a direct relationship between how likely your dog is to poop during any given walk. I've graphed my results here: "Oops, forgot my poop bags. Oh well, I'm just going around the block." "Why not take a dog to...
  3. Kalyxa

    Summer is the big 1-0!

    Happy birthday Summer! She's such a fantastic little dog :)
  4. Kalyxa

    Chewy is ten today!

    Chewy has been my partner in crime for more than half my life; through so many changing things she was always constant. She just got a big meaty beef bone to celebrate, since dead week is looming and time for activities is limited. Happy birthday you stubborn butt!
  5. Kalyxa

    Older Jindo being rehomed- PNW

    A girl in my university (I don't know her personally) posted this to one of the school's Facebook pages for selling items and since that will only be seen by college students I wanted to help her broaden the reach, preferably to more qualified people. I reached out and got her permission to...
  6. Kalyxa

    Seattle Dog Trainer Recommendations

    I'm looking for some people in the Seattle area to talk to about my dogs, Chewy and Lola. They have serious dog reactivity issues and I live in an environment where I can't ignore the problem anymore. I've never looked around for trainers before so what should I look for and what should I expect...
  7. Kalyxa

    Another boring Friday...

    Anywhere in the world, HOLLAND! I don't know exactly why but I fell in love with that place this summer. Completely unrealistic and unresearched but... More realistically, I really like Seattle but I'm not sold on city life. I'd like to actually go around the country a bunch more to get a...
  8. Kalyxa

    The dog musing/vent thread

    I just handed my dog over to Alaska Airlines. Ugh, she was so stressed out, and I'm worried, and even though it'll be fine I can't help but feel my stomach somersaulting. The agony! I just hope she's going to be in one piece and most of all just THERE at my destination.
  9. Kalyxa

    What is my dog breed? (Terrier & ??)

    I have no breed guesses but that is a seriously adorable dog!
  10. Kalyxa

    Snapshot from your day

    Rainier? Adams? I am so bad at mountain recognition. Regardless, it's a beautiful shot! I love the occasional clear day when I can see Rainier.
  11. Kalyxa

    8 years young

    Aw, this melts my heart! She has such a soulful face, so much respect for you for helping her out :)
  12. Kalyxa

    Aussie Snowvember

    This is site is selling me on Aussies. Your dogs are beautiful!
  13. Kalyxa

    Your Inspiration

    This summer I met the most amazing little Dutch Shepherd in Holland and I absolutely loved her. I know next to nothing about them but every time I think of her I want a clone, right here, right now. I have definitely made a mental note about her breed for future research.
  14. Kalyxa

    Arboretum Walk

    Today is really cloudy and not very pretty but it was warmish so we trekked to the arboretum. I love it there; it may be my favorite place in the city. New coat! It got chilly toward the end. Thanks for looking!
  15. Kalyxa

    Snapshot from your day

    But I don't want to be a gansgster
  16. Kalyxa

    The Venting Thread

    So after getting all excited for Catching Fire, I showed up at the theater in my neighborhood only to find out it's 21+, and has been since July. I last went in March during renovations and thus had no idea. They have a full bar in the back and state law etc... I didn't even know that was a...
  17. Kalyxa

    Dogs aren't safe in their own backyards....

    Oh my god that would shake me to my core. How tragic!
  18. Kalyxa

    Fuzzbutt McMoo

    Aw, I love Boo! I'm so glad it's working out. :) I missed my dogs terribly last year, more than my family haha. Having Lola here has really made a difference.
  19. Kalyxa

    The Venting Thread

    I hate Century Link with such a burning passion right now. They are screwing up every step up the way. I've only had service with them for under 3 MONTHS and I've called them 9 TIMES. This is absurd. I just now got a notice for disconnection because I have an unpaid total on my account THAT THEY...
  20. Kalyxa

    Help me stop the itching!

    Okay here's a thought: Could it be the weather? I always get dry skin during the winter, and have to keep moisturizing my arms especially, otherwise they get itchy and drive me nuts. Could it be the same kind of thing for her? Lola grew up in Baja and this is her first real winter, and I know...