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    Breeds you would have never considered owning until you met one

    JRTs and Malinois. I thought Giant Schnauzers were it for me...until I started playing flyball. I now have 2 JRTs and have a serious want for a Mal.
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    SMALL DOG PEOPLE! (help.)

    I feed my 11 lb and 20 lb JRTs raw. For bones they get chicken and duck necks, backs, feet. You can always get ground foods.
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    Giant Schnauzers

    Me Either. Sounds like a training/socialization issue.
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    Giant Schnauzers

    Both of my breeds are out of working/sport lines and are go, go, go. They're activity levels are almost evenly matched. Although they're stubborn and pushy I find the Giants a whole heck of a lot easier to deal with. Easy to train, travel with, live with, etc. Jacks have the it's my way or...
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    Giant Schnauzers

    I have 2 and have done some bite work with them. My female happens to be the more confident one. She's not one to back down. Goofball is an understatement! They're also stubborn. If I had more time I would invest in IPO training. Right now our main sports are Flyball and Disc and they...
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    Favorite Action Pictures

    The epitome of Jack Russell Terrier...
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    Farthest trial?

    The most I've traveled is 14 hrs from Boston to Indianapolis for Flyball. We frequently make 6+ hour trips every couple of months for tournaments. For Disc trials I won't travel more than 2 hours. Flyall comes first. :D
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    Toy Breed Owners

    Have you checked out Lupine? I use them for my 11 lb JRT. You can't beat their quaility.
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    What's the rarest dog breed you've met?

    In the Flyball world...Mudi, Thai Ridgeback, Laekenois, Wolfhound. My Giant Schnauzers are pretty rare around these parts too.
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    Entry Fees

    Lure coursing $20 Disc Dog $20 JRT trials $11 per class Flyball usually averages out to $37 per dog per 2 day tournament
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    Snapshot from your day

    "Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up":)
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    Suggestions on kibble for picky eater/help gain weight?

    I'd suggest trying something grain free. I have a very picky eater as well. Right now I have him on Wellness Core and I add a little bit off canned tripe. It's some pretty foul stuff but he loves it and will lick the bowl clean.
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    Yr past,present,future breeds!.

    Past: Husky x Cocker Spaniel Cocker x Yorkie x Airedale OES Giant Schnauzers Current: Giant Schnauzers JRTs Future: Giant Schnauzers Doberman Malinois
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    Pick a breed from each group

    Sporting: German Wirehaired Pointer Hound: Irish Wolfhound, Saluki Working: Giant Schnauzer, Doberman Terrier: JRT, Airedale, Border Terrier Toy: Brussels Griffon Non-Sporting: French Bulldog Herding: Malinois Misc: Belgian Laekenois, Berger Picard
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    Crate fans

    Crate fans are a big waste of money, IMO. I have the Ryobi fans too. They don't travel well but they work the best.
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    A new internet craze?

    Why? Just why??
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    Do you have different "types"?

    I prefer the scruffy, terrier types. :)
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    All the Terriers - need info

    I have 2 JRTs living with 2 Giant Schnauzers and 3 cats. They are crazy, high drive, and always on the go. BUT they do like to cuddle up on the couch, are ok with the cats(supervised of course!!), and are pretty cool little dogs. I was a Giant Schnauzer person through and through until I...