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    Lethal Dog Surgeries

    Yes, I had no idea!
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    Clipper recommendations, please

    Could anyone recommend a good clipper brand for Aussies? Thanks
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    what dog food do you use, and why?

    Newmans is a good product; I like and buy many products of that brand for myself too. I am a fan of making your own dog food also. It is a good learning activity to involve the kids in so they know what dog food is made of or....what can be used to make it. :)
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    Dog tied to fence then Lit on Fire

    A dog has been tied to a fence, covered in petrol and set on fire on a football field in Liverpool, England. Passers-by heard the cries of the female Staffordshire bull terrier-cross in Kirkdale, and tried to help, but the animal had to be put to sleep. The one-year-old dog had been...
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    Dog Breed Ban

    A Florida Senate committee passed a bill yesterday (3/4) that has dog owners contacting their local senators. The previous law prohibited municipalities from regulating breed specific dogs known to be aggressive. The proposed change would reverse that law and allow communities to ban...
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    Lethal Dog Surgeries

    The controversial practice of using live dogs for practice student surgeries and then euthanizing the canines will end beginning this fall at Michigan State University. Animal rights groups hailed MSU's decision to join most of the nation's 28 vet schools that have stopped so-called terminal...
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    So we went to the dog park...

    Great fun! How irritating when the dispensers are empty...You can get a portable little roll of them to attach to your leash or belt loop so they're always w/ you.
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    Pee Pads....

    If you could confine her to that area that would help. You can put the pee pads in that area on the linoleum and work with her a few times to see if she understands why they are there. Being fully house trained she will likely be reluctant to pee in the house. The next time she has to pee take...
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    Bad experience with agressive dog has put me off grooming :(

    You don't have to accept dogs with a bad attitude. A muzzle is an option but if the dog is that upset about being groomed it's better to not groom him. Good luck
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    Is that dog food really made of Venison?...Think again

    Unfortunately it happens to us and our companions. Since it's no longer practical for us to raise all our own food we rely on companies to provide it to us. We do have control over our dog's food to the extent that we can buy raw ingredients and make it ourselves. Though it is time consuming.
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    What’s it like going from 1 dog to 2?

    Agreed. Two isn't a big deal besides double the expense... Goodluck!
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    Summer is the best

    That is great! Dogs can have such an impact on people, having a dog that is able to "share" her love and affection with others through therapy would be a bonus!
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    Needless to say the dogs should have been leashed. If you see the woman again I would nicely ask her to keep her dogs leashed as there likely is a leash law...Most counties have them even if you're not in a city or town. If you see dogs running freely another option is to call animal control...
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    Flea baths for all!

    you're a good human! :)
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    Loved & Missed

    Boots was a beautiful black & white Australian Shepherd female. Extremely intelligent, she went everywhere with me even riding in the tractor with me as I mowed hay. My father in law joked to people that she barked when the mower got plugged. She didn't but she was helpful in many other...
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    May end up with a new puppy.

    If that's the breed mix, they'll likely be smart dogs. But remember they will be dogs, not puppies for very long. Let friends and neighbors know about them and you'll likely find loving homes for them. Good Luck!
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    Petsmart Trip

    Well be thankful you have an adorable & well-behaved dog. I love the idea of the meeting group, but don't like to be swarmed in a store! You may be able to put a notice about the group on the bulletin board at the front of the store. Good luck & have fun!
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    Hopsy Burtday Ruby lady!

    Happy Happy Birthday!
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    Purebred or Rescue? Opinions Please

    It is your decision...Check your local shelter as sometimes you are able to find purebreds there. It is unlikely you will find what you are looking for but it's worth a trip. What is it that you're really looking for in a dog? Intelligence? Loyalty? A guardian? Keep your lap warm? I know it...
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