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  1. Spiritwind

    Urinary issues

    Hello all, I haven't been on this forum in years. But I have a question that maybe some of you might have some answers for. I have an 11 1/2 yr old spayed (about 3 1/2- 4 yrs ago) Rough Collie girl who has been having some odd urinary issues that we can't seem to get any answers for...
  2. Spiritwind

    Best puppy set up

    I also highly recommend litter training. I usually start around 3 weeks old and the puppies figure it out within a few days. Makes clean up so much easier.
  3. Spiritwind


    Totally agree and I can't answer any of those questions as not my dogs. But my friend saying that just made me do more research and ask questions. I tend to think she blamed the food because she had only been feeding it for a few months and then had some bitches miss. It's just something...
  4. Spiritwind


    Thanks! This is kind if what I was thinking as well. A friend of mine swears the reason she had a few bitches miss over the last year was because of peas in the dog food so it really had me thinking and looking into this a little bit more but I just didn't see how peas as one ingredient in the...
  5. Spiritwind


    Thanks for the info. I personally have not had any fertility issues with my dogs. I currently have a litter of almost 4 wk old collie puppies. I've just been hearing a lot about this over the last few months. The more I research the longer the list grows of foods that have...
  6. Spiritwind


    I'm not sure if I should post here or dog food forum but will try here... So I've been reading posts from another dog food forum I go to about phytoestrogens in dog foods causing infertility. I have been told ingredients in dog foods that should be avoided due to phytoestrogens and the...
  7. Spiritwind

    Collie Club of America National Specialty

    The CCA national was in La Crosse, WI the first week of April. I wasn't able to go, but sent two of my girls up. Just wanted to share Hope's CCA reserve winners bitch show picture! Just got it back last night, it turned out great! This was the first year, that at breed nationals, RWD or...
  8. Spiritwind


    I fed Earthborn grain-free after the recall last year. My dogs did horribly on the food. My rough collie boy and my smooth boy both started getting hot spots.... which they have never had before. Shedding was just crazy for everyone, the dogs never coated up and shed like crazy for...
  9. Spiritwind

    Earthborn grain free causing dogs to lick

    Yeah, I don't know what it was in the Earthborn that didn't agree with my dogs, but something sure didn't work with them. As soon as I switched back to TOTW (high priarie), everything stopped right away.. within days. Earthborn was actually cheaper too, I could get the Primitive for 42.99...
  10. Spiritwind

    Earthborn grain free causing dogs to lick

    I fed Earthborn Coastal catch and primitive for several months but finally had to stop. My dogs did horribly on the food. Excessive shedding, two of them got hot spots and one of my smooth girls licked her feet like crazy, and coats just looked bad. I switched back to taste of the wild...
  11. Spiritwind

    Rabies question?

    About 5 yrs ago, I was working at a vet clinic where animal control actually came into the clinic and removed a dog because of rabies exposure. Long story short, it was a large mastiff type dog, an adult. I believe never had a rabies shot. It killed a raccoon in the owners yard. The...
  12. Spiritwind


    Neither Collies or shelties are terribly common in this area. I have a few 4 month old rough collie babies right now, and every time i take them to work with me or to petsmart or just out in public (usually take at least 2 at a time).. I get so many comments from people... like "Oh, I haven't...
  13. Spiritwind

    WHY, LOGAN? Grrrrrrr...

    Sorry to hear about Logan's luck... hopefully the burn heals without any issues. Im sure the dental will go just fine. If it makes you feel any better, Sage, my smooth girl actually knocked out two of her teeth (have NO idea how, just found her with a bloody mouth and two holes in her...
  14. Spiritwind

    Smooth Collies bred for work?

    not sure I totally agree with this. Well the part about commonly used as working farm dogs. (they absolutely look much different, especially the roughs) I talk to a lot of Collie people from Europe. I would say more people in North America work their collies, than in Europe. However, in...
  15. Spiritwind

    Stacked Dogs

    Name: Sage - CH Spiritwind Spice It Up Age: Almost 2 yrs old Breed: Smooth Collie Name: Tyler - Spiritwind Patriot Games (4 pts to finish) Age: 2 yrs Breed: Rough Collie Name: Paris - CH Spiritwind Barely An Angel Age: pictured 14 months, but she is now almost 8 yrs old...
  16. Spiritwind

    Good food for liver problems??

    Thanks for the info. I'm just now starting to research this, and I would not be opposed to making an home cooked diet for her, I just need to know what I am looking for... I'm guessing something lower in fat and protien??? I just picked her up from the vets this morning, after being...
  17. Spiritwind

    Good food for liver problems??

    I just found out Weds that my 8 yr old Collie girl has something going on with her liver. Not totally sure the cause at this point, but she is on several different medications right now, and the vet has suggested I consider putting her on the Rx. L/D dog food for hepatic issues, which if I do...
  18. Spiritwind

    Help arranging a Flight?

    or you might be able to ship later at night or early early morning when temps are still lower. The handlers I work for have done that all the time.. when sending dogs home from other parts of the country.
  19. Spiritwind

    Show me them split faces/patches.

    Very late.. but here are a couple split faces... Tyler, and my smooth boy Ben, who is now 11 yrs old, but pictured around 2-3 yrs old.
  20. Spiritwind

    Is this another harlequin collie?

    Pictures sent to you PM. And yes, whites would be more common (and easier to get for that matter) than Harls, though the breeder I know actually has had a number of Harls over the years.