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  1. speedydogs

    Agility training

    Cricket got her CL3 title on Saturday! :) Was a long time coming since she's in Level 5 in half of the games already, but that last jackpot Q took us a while. She got 4/4 Q's. Newton also Q'd in 4/6 runs. I'm super proud of Journey, who Q'd in 5/6 runs after almost a year of no trialling - she...
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    Something Good

    Newton got out of the yard today, which he does sometimes due to a loose spot in the fence. Not usually a big deal as we live in the middle of the woods and we're almost always watching them. I happened to take my eyes off them for a few minutes and Newton had gone on an adventure - the good...
  3. speedydogs

    Just some recent pictures

    They are such snow dogs. They've been spending 30-40 minutes playing outside before wanting to come in lately. Good smells on the wind The happy little dude is growing up... And perfect dog will be seven in 10 days!
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    Just some recent pictures

    I've been taking tons of pictures over the past few weeks, so I thought I'd share some here! First, some dog park shenanigans with Journey, Simon, and Ruby (Simon's local sister) She is the prettiest little dog. And so bouncy. She is always VERY happy to see me and likes chest rebounds...
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    Well, here she is...

    Congrats, she is super cute! Love the color matching too :)
  6. speedydogs

    Agility training

    Trial this weekend - should be rather interesting since they haven't had class since before Christmas. Might be extra-interesting with Journey since she hasn't been to a trial since before puppies. ;) We will see! Good luck!! ETA: I've been teaching three different levels of agility...
  7. speedydogs

    The Venting Thread

    So sorry for your loss, sparks :( I am SO COLD. At least it's warmer than yesterday - it didn't get much above zero and was more like -15/-20 with windchill. And of course the dogs have the most energy when I have no desire to be outside for extended periods of time.
  8. speedydogs

    Trent and Siege Shenanigans (very pic heavy)

    Love love love. Trent is as handsome as ever, and Siege looks like a ton of fun.
  9. speedydogs

    The dog musing/vent thread

    I'm so sorry, Pinkspore. :( You did right by him, through everything.
  10. speedydogs

    Flight Rising?

    I blame this thread for ruining my free time. I'm Cerastes on FR if anyone wants to add me :) Also, if anyone wants this mirror hatchling let me know. He's kind of cute but doesn't really fit well with anyone else I have.
  11. speedydogs

    Other pets and things?

    Just one non-dog pet right now! This is Oberyn, a two-year-old anerythristic corn snake who I am very fond of: May be getting a another little corn snake hatchling soon, so stay tuned! Chinda passed away a couple months ago after a period of declining health :( He was a month short of 20...
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    WARNING - SNAKE PIC! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I've also acquired a longer dog with slightly fewer limbs. This is Oberyn, a 2-year-old corn snake:
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    The other dogs are doing fine as well. Lovely Miss Cricket rules the roost, without a doubt: She does get rather fat when she’s at home with my parents – I suspect she gets slipped things occasionally. Always my pretty girl. Journey is doing great – always somewhat...
  14. speedydogs


    Hey there! I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that the dogs and I are still quite alive! Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth earlier this year; I got busy with puppy-related activities and sort of fell out of the habit. I'm also at school and away from the dogs for most of the...
  15. speedydogs

    Stark's Puppy Thread

    Gorgeous!! Looking forward to watching him grow :)
  16. speedydogs

    New arrivals!

    No, unfortunately - it was a possibility but the timing was a little off this time around. We will be keeping one though :) I have some pictures from last weekend, for anyone who hasn't seen them yet on facebook - these are from right before they turned two weeks old. They've grown quite a...
  17. speedydogs

    Before & Afters

    I love everything about this thread. :D I've already done Cricket and Journey, but Newton was still a baby the first time around, so I'll post some more pictures of him. Probably around 10 weeks? 12 weeks <3 Now, almost two years
  18. speedydogs

    GSD Puppy is born!!!

    So exciting, congrats on the upcoming addition! The parents are just gorgeous. I really like Jentry :)
  19. speedydogs

    bug bite on dog paw, how to prevent from chewing?

    I'd probably recommend getting it checked out by a vet for starters, especially if it's been there a few days without decreasing in size. Newton had a similar small growth on his foot a few months ago - it turned out to be a harmless cutaneous histiocytoma that eventually went away on its own...
  20. speedydogs

    Chaz Puppies of 2014

    So exciting!!