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  1. Maliraptor

    Why do dogs misbehave?

    First of all, Molly DOESN'T know it is wrong. In fact, she was rewarded for doing it, the whole time she did. Kitty crunchies, trash, playing. The behavior you see when you get home, when she cowers and slinks, is her knowing she is in trouble because she has learned that she gets in trouble...
  2. Maliraptor

    Subcutaneous fluids. What am I doing wrong?

    Try pulling the needle halfway back out, but not all the way out. If the skin is tight, there is little room and the needle can rest against muscle and not flow.
  3. Maliraptor

    Cleaning Out: Dog Nerd Books for Sale!

    Hmm not sure that is a better deal. Amazon will do it for me new for $26 including shipping. Let me look into it.
  4. Maliraptor

    Cleaning Out: Dog Nerd Books for Sale!

    Do you still have Control Unleashed? Would you take $20 including shipping for it?
  5. Maliraptor

    Tooley Lou, 20 weeks (Mal)

    I've enjoyed watching your videos. She's a cutie. Glad you are having fun with her.
  6. Maliraptor

    Girly Stuff

    Sorry. :( But it was a horrible experience for me all around. Not the no kids part, that was a bonus. I think most people do fine though. I'm just a bit of a freak.
  7. Maliraptor

    Girly Stuff

    I was one of these. Incredible cramping and heavy bleeding non-stop. They kept telling me it would get better, I gave it 3 years. It did not. The end result also left me unable to have any more children.
  8. Maliraptor

    Favorite Bait for Confo Shows

    I'm the Queen of NOT baking for my dogs lol but this I can do. It is also super inexpensive to make.
  9. Maliraptor

    Favorite Bait for Confo Shows

    We use "Tuna Fudge" for training and for showing my daughter's Schipperke. I need something that she can and will handle, sometimes she just cannot handle the "yuck" factor of offal, etc. even when cooked. :rofl1:
  10. Maliraptor

    Carma and Tulah, IPO Obedience

    Looking good!
  11. Maliraptor

    Supplements for Elbow Dysplasia

    I've used Hylasport for years, and love it. And it is reasonably priced. Let me know what you think of it.
  12. Maliraptor

    Aiden got his FH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An FH is very impressive, more so in December in Maine! Congrats on your achievement. When does new puppy come home? I will become your favorite Stalker then!! :popcorn:
  13. Maliraptor

    A baby Puppinois (Mal puppy)

    I didn't know you were a friend of Ginger's owner. He and I go WAY WAY back. :D
  14. Maliraptor

    You will NEVER believe this one...

    You bet! Schipperke! She is 3 years old.
  15. Maliraptor

    You will NEVER believe this one...

    I tripped and accidentally brought home something SMALL. 10# small. Of COURSE there are pictures. Need more? :popcorn:
  16. Maliraptor

    Mal Vs Dutchie

    I also agree with Adrienne. I love my malinois. I have certain bloodlines for certain traits I want. Would they be great for what Adrienne wants? Maybe not. We've discussed it before in fact. I've owned two Dutch Shepherds. One was an xDS from knpv lines. He was a super pup and I regretting...
  17. Maliraptor

    I want to Henna my hair.

    Mine was beautiful through day 4, then started fading big time. :mad: Not sure what I did wrong, and darn it I LOVED the color when it was in there.
  18. Maliraptor

    I want to Henna my hair.

    Ok, I used the Lush Rouge last night and I LOVE the results. No pics, at least no before ones.
  19. Maliraptor

    I want to Henna my hair.

    You guys are hooking me, also. I want to try this on my hair.
  20. Maliraptor

    It's been a awhile! Phelan & Co.

    Noms photo for the win. Or Family Photo. :rofl1: