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  1. My Bully Sophie

    My Bully Sophie

    I adore this Dog, is she cute or what
  2. Bulldog Love

    Bulldog Love

    Sophie Loves Me and she shows it.
  3. Sophie girl

    Sophie girl

    me and sophie the Bulldog
  4. harpo and krissy

    harpo and krissy

    me and my Golden
  5. You talking to me?

    You talking to me?

    The girls...........relaxing on the boat.
  6. Entwined


    Kaie and Libby on the sailboat...napping. Life is good.
  7. S

    Comment by 'sophiethebulldog' in media 'Libby'

    No, they don't swim...Just love the boat. I mean, I think they "can" swim...if they had to. They are my friends dogs...I just love them !
  8. Libby and Myself

    Libby and Myself

    On the boat....Aug 05'
  9. Libby


    Taking a Nap,.......sailing
  10. The "Girls" on the Boat

    The "Girls" on the Boat

    Enjoying the breeze........August 05 , Mackinac Island
  11. Katie and Libby

    Katie and Libby

    They are coming from Mackinac Island to the boat..they adore the ride on the dinghy and love boat rides. They were rasied on my friends Sailboat and on Mackinac Island.
  12. sophie's pool

    sophie's pool

    cooling off....
  13. summer daze

    summer daze

    Sophie loves her pool.....
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    Comment by 'sophiethebulldog' in media 'Pretty In Pink'

    Bulldogs are on the top 10 god with Children list. ANy dog has the potential to be bad....hopefully, with good breeding and love and a little manners, they will be fine. Bulldogs are not normally mean at all, A very docile breed and just plain loveable teddy bears. Love em for me! Doggies...
  15. S

    It Takes Time

    thanks thanks for sharing. Pet's are a gift from God, that's for sure. Mac went over the rainbow yesterday and he's in a better place for him now. He was my best friend and a comfort to my lonliness. He will be missed because he has a place in my heart forever...... Kris
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    SHould I put my dog down? please advise

    Mac is over the rainbow...thanks to all of you thank you for your letters. I know I did the right thing, but it sure hurts. I can't eat or sleep. That was my little hairy friend. I loved him so much. I stayed while he drufted into a world of no pian. There he can chase squirrels again and run...
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    SHould I put my dog down? please advise

    well, I have an 8,5 yr old English Bulldog. Over the past two years he has become aggresive with some people. I no longer take him to parks, and no one is allowed to pet him except me. He does have some arthritis, but doesn't seem in pain. He can play some, but not everyday. He doesn't want to...
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    Hi! What is your dog's name?

    goldendoodle? I dated a guy who had one. What a great dog! they are bright and fun and they don't shed much. Make sure you train her or him to not jump on people they are tall. I love pictures soon! Good Luck Sophiethe bulldog
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    Comment by 'sophiethebulldog' in media 'Tongue attack'

    bully's!!! love em the best
  20. Prom Night

    Prom Night

    Oh..Mac, you're so handsome