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  1. Cali Mae

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    He is precious and looks like so much fun! Oracle has such amazing dogs.
  2. Cali Mae

    A papillon and her duck

    Thank you both! :) Her eyes are definitely very expressive, I think... maybe too expressive sometimes haha.
  3. Cali Mae

    What are your dogs' quirks?

    I love threads like these and reading about everyone else's dog! Cali is... pretty quirky, so let's see how many quirks I can think of off the top of my head. When she gets really excited, she scoots around the floor by running then sliding her feet out in front of her. If there's a blanket on...
  4. Cali Mae

    A papillon and her duck

    I haven't shared pictures of Cali in forever, even though I take pictures of her pretty frequently. I posted this on another forum, but I figured I would post it here too! It's pretty warm out today, so we didn't stay out for too long, but we went out to the field to toss around one of her...
  5. Cali Mae

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    ErinMC, he is absolutely adorable and he sounds like he'll be perfect! I've loved watching all the videos and pictures that are posted on the facebook page and he has been one of my favourites! Umney and Neva are adorable as well! Skittledoo, I'm very sorry to hear about Itztli and I'm glad...
  6. Cali Mae

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    I think that they're generally pretty average... although based on the amount of dogs I see on chains 24/7, there are a few owners who I don't think should own dogs. I don't see many dogs out on walks either, usually the same four or five, but I just like to think that they get morning walks or...
  7. Cali Mae

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    All these puppies are adorable! ErinMC, please keep updating Chaz after you get your pup! I am planning on a puppy from Oracle at some point during grad school, when Cali is older and I'm more stable in life, so it would be awesome to see another grow up on Chaz. :) I've seen the litter on...
  8. Cali Mae

    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    Cali would definitely be one of the first to go. She would probably be a little taken back by their movement at first but sooner rather than later, she would run up to one hoping for some attention. :p
  9. Cali Mae

    Lets see your horses!!

    My horse, Indie, passed away a few years ago but I don't get to talk about her a lot so I hope nobody minds me still sharing. I still miss her dearly so I love getting the chance to talk about her because the people I know in person don't really understand so I don't bring it up very often, just...
  10. Cali Mae

    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    I think my most common saying is probably something along the lines of "who is my favourite little gremlin?!" Basically anything mushy. I was looking through my Instagram and in three of the four posts about her, I referred to her as a "gremlin" so it's safe to say that's how I most often refer...
  11. Cali Mae

    Dog beds

    Another vote for Costco (Kirkland) beds here too. Moses had two: one for upstairs and one for downstairs, and he loved them. Even chose laying in the bed over sitting up in his favourite chair. Cali always joined him in the bed too, and she doesn't sleep in dog beds, so they must be pretty...
  12. Cali Mae

    Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    It sounds a bit like New Brunswick in some aspects. It's usually pretty cold where I live, although Winnipeg seems to have it beat in terms of when winter weather starts and when it ends. Lots of bugs too and not as much rain, but there's actually a lot of rain here where I go to school. It...
  13. Cali Mae

    Experiences flying dogs as cargo?

    I'll have to keep it in mind to use WestJet then! I'm thinking the flight out will be more stressful on me than the puppy since I'm such a chronic worrier. I think the breeder has a fair bit of experience with flying puppies out so I'll have to mention that to them when the time comes to...
  14. Cali Mae

    Costco Kirklands food

    We fed it to Mo and he enjoyed it... it worked well for him. :) It was my compromise with my mom because I couldn't stand him being fed Pedigree but since I was just the teenager, I couldn't go out and buy him a bag of Orijen... so the Kirklands brand was our compromise. I would say it's a good...
  15. Cali Mae

    Experiences flying dogs as cargo?

    As some of you have probably noticed, I'm doing a bit of research into getting my next dog... who will either be a Toller or an Aussie, although leaning more towards an Aussie again after a conversation with Toller_08 and realizing they might indeed be the better fit. :) But anyways, I would...
  16. Cali Mae

    Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    Oh wow, -4 degrees in September! :eek: I do prefer colder weather over warmer weather though so I think I could definitely adjust to that. I'll definitely have to invest in some dog booties and a winter jacket though for the dog during the winter. I'm glad to hear that they enjoyed their time...
  17. Cali Mae

    Allergic to Vaccines?

    My vet gets me to give Cali 1 mL of benadryl for every pound.
  18. Cali Mae

    Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    I've been looking into lots of grad schools... primarily ones offering clinical psychology, as that's what I'm interested in, and dentistry, as that's what my boyfriend is going into, and one of those is the University of Manitoba which is located in Winnipeg. Neither of us have been to...
  19. Cali Mae

    Allergic to Vaccines?

    I don't think it would hurt anything to call and ask them about it, especially because it's happened twice now. Plus, hopefully, they may be able to tell you why it's happening. Cali is, or was, allergic to vaccines. She had a bad reaction (her face and ears got swollen) when she got a set of...
  20. Cali Mae

    Nova Scotia Duck Tollers

    Their website doesn't say anything about testing so I guess I would have to ask! I have found a few good breeders in Ontario though and I'll have to find some in Alberta too. I figure I will end up in either BC, Alberta, or Ontario for grad school... if I'm lucky.