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  1. LauraLeigh

    Been a while

    been a very long time, at some point I will try and update everybody but here's the short version. As some of you know I was divorced, and I move to Nova Scotia which is my home. In the time I've been home I have found my true love and I am remarried. On the other hand, I had some rough times...
  2. LauraLeigh

    Christmas Trees-Real or Fake?

    Too late to edit but this should say FOR fake trees lol
  3. LauraLeigh

    Nova Scotia

    I'm here! It's been very busy however I managed to get my cards off and am somewhat settled in! This is Duke, Dads very spoiled rabbit hound wanting to go for a walk This is Bella, Moms totally adorable buddy, she's a happy little girl! Duke and Opal, he loves her.... She sadly doesn't...
  4. LauraLeigh

    Christmas Trees-Real or Fake?

    I'm partial because my Dad is a grower... So real is my whole life story... This is awful of me, but shows their huge tree (11ft) Plus I don't get the environmental argument FOR real trees, the real ones get turned into mulch, or biodegrade to dirt... Having worked in waste management...
  5. LauraLeigh

    Official 2014 Card Exchange Sign Up!

    I'm going to wait and mail mine from NS next week :-) I would have loved to do "custom" cards but that's not feasible this year :-(
  6. LauraLeigh

    Opal showing us how to Exercise
  7. LauraLeigh

    You should "NEVER" date

    And good eye MM!! I didn't even notice that
  8. LauraLeigh

    You should "NEVER" date

    Haven't a clue who he is, lol, and Dekka good point!!!!
  9. LauraLeigh

    You should "NEVER" date

    Was bored as all get out last night, and got browsing Facebook, came across this link to 13 guys you should never date… I thought this should be good for entertainment, the number two guy you should never date.... Is the guy who's got custody of the little dog he adopted with his ex...
  10. LauraLeigh

    Does your dog like strangers?

    Nope, strangers are all demons, no matter how big or small... They scare him (big teddy bear after he knows them tho)
  11. LauraLeigh

    Official 2014 Card Exchange Sign Up!

    Ahhhh gotcha lol in years past they've just copied and pasted I think, you went the extra step lol (And now I feel entirely stupid)
  12. LauraLeigh

    Official 2014 Card Exchange Sign Up!

    I think you missed me?
  13. LauraLeigh

    Shaker, our Mini Rex rabbit (pic)...

    Ohhhhh!!! He's a cutie!
  14. LauraLeigh

    How Long Could You Go?

    In this location? Not much over a week, small house small yard- boredom would overtake me If I was on the property I'm looking at in Nova Scotia? A very long time, it's got acreage and my parents and brother and his family both live very close (one next door, one two homes down) so they'd visit
  15. LauraLeigh

    YouTube video: Dog hilariously fails obedience test

    I'm crying here! If they're going to fail, May as well do it in style!! The tail wagging and the "OMG BALL/ FOOD/ TOY" attitude is awesome
  16. LauraLeigh

    The Venting Thread

    I feel like that a lot, not sure what's worse the anxiety or the extreme restlessness, I've even caught myself pacing! I find walking the dog has helped a lot! At least in my situation I do kind of understand why, Lotta major life changes going on for me
  17. LauraLeigh

    Posting Pics

    Tapatalk hosts them so it "feels" like I'm loading them directly to Chaz
  18. LauraLeigh

    Chat thread

    Hoping to get on later as well
  19. LauraLeigh

    Official 2014 Card Exchange Sign Up!

    Signed up :-)
  20. LauraLeigh

    Would Your Dog Pass?

    Crosby would likely pass most of them, even cats he's good with, other adult male intact dogs? Not so much... He's also not overly fond of small kids, he's not been around them much and is not sure how to take them