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  1. doglover101

    New glasses!

    I like em' :)
  2. doglover101

    My accident! LOL!

    I know i just thought of that!! are you like standing up or something!!???
  3. doglover101

    I'm a BAD Christian

    I dont really believe that being pro gay marriage is right is just like Miakoda is your choice and I dont think choosing that makes u a bad christian
  4. doglover101

    My accident! LOL!

    OUCH! yowsies! what did u land on?
  5. doglover101

    The fairy tale we should have been told...

    haha....that one made me
  6. doglover101

    I got teary-eyed at a movie

    o ya...that one makes me cry too.....the part when he kills the dog....i practically bawl :(
  7. doglover101

    Insane People

    haha how could someone be afraid of a face as cute as that!!??
  8. doglover101

    Ok, here are the *pics*!

    awwwwww so cute!! I love the group shot too......
  9. doglover101

    I got teary-eyed at a movie

    yup....we should start a "crying at stupid movies"
  10. doglover101

    Do you have pancake day? Shrove Tues?

    Haha.......How can anyone not like pancakes!!!?? they are so yummy!!!! sorry i just had to do that.....
  11. doglover101

    I got teary-eyed at a movie

    haha i have cryed at a stupid movie too..... Charlottes web (the new one) i cryed at the part where the spider
  12. doglover101

    Great Danes

    awwww kjara! she is so cute!
  13. doglover101

    Great Danes

    Haha i wish my dog would do that (he is tiny) lol that made me crack up....:lol-sign:
  14. doglover101

    More Gus puppy pics...**squeal**

    awwwwwww he is SO cute!!! :) i wish i could hold him 2....
  15. doglover101

    Patriots Lost!!!!!!!!!

    haha........what was ur fav comercial? mine was the one with justin
  16. doglover101

    Are you a screamer?

    haha.....yes i do scream....I have a friend who squeaks when she is scared (we always tease her about
  17. doglover101

    I have a very sick little boy :(

    WOO HOO!!! he is feeling better!!!!! :) :) I hope he continues to feel that way :)
  18. doglover101

    20,000 posts

    haha.....u REALLY must like posting on :D
  19. doglover101

    another "people are idiots" thread

    they shouldnt let her come in the store anymore!!
  20. doglover101

    Isnt 4 weeks a bit young?!

    I think that IS awfully young!