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    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'blake and the tennis ball'

    excellent photo wow im glad its a tennis ball hes launched after lol and not me
  2. J

    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'Mar03742'

    thankyou smkie im hoping alls going to be well with my son he has had a cat scan and the lungs still inflated so fingers crossed things are going to get better, millies on her way to a full recovery she has one more hurdle in 8 weeks time she gets her spay op so i hope she...
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    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'millie'

    oh my god tell me about it im a sun worshipper hate the cold wet weather and being here in england we get loads of it
  4. J

    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'millie and max'

    lol i loved that look i caugh max giving millie, i think he was laughing at her bow in her hair he is a little tease he really is and they do get on great millie bosses him about and he has the patience of a saint with her he really does they make me laugh with thier antics...
  5. millie


    here she is after a tiring day chillin out in the sun and dreaming of summer
  6. millie and max

    millie and max

    what did yiou say dear
  7. Mar03742


    millie on the day of her check up she has gained lots of weight since her livershunt opperation she now weighs 2,9 kg the pic is taken with my son on his release from hospital with a collapsed lung, millies loking after him and making sure he gets better
  8. J

    What kind of a dog do I have?

    i can see a manchester terrier in there or a lancashire healer
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    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'valentiens yorkie'

    shes a little doll, love the top knot she definately suits pink
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    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'LUCAS3'

    definately keeping that ball lol what a lovely colour great coat adn simply a little cutie
  11. J

    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'Jeb - Are you standing on my Ball?'

    awww give him his ball back lol he is a handsome fella
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    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'Ahhhh!!!'

    what a cutie pie shes a itzy bitzy darling im sure
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    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'Treats'

    lol what a cutie in a tutu brilliant hope she got first prize
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    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'biter'

    lol hes a cutie looks like you got yourself a real yorkshire terrorist
  15. J

    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'It's True. Turkey does make You tired!'

    your pictures are brilliant and what lovely little furkids you have i love thier faces they lok very happy
  16. J

    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'Attack!'

    what a soulful face lol is the belly band a precaution i noticed you have a dog and a bitch im having the same trouble at the moment millie is in season so max wears a belly band and i have little knickers onm millie too you have 2 lovely bassets i love em
  17. J

    Comment by 'janzababe' in media 'milo'

    milo is a real devil but can also be a real angel...
  18. mad max

    mad max

    this is max hes a 3 yr old yorkshire terrier and he loves lots of cuddles he also likes to look out the window and bark hes a yapper he is millie and milos brother
  19. milo


    milo is 7yrs old he is a red and white border collie and he loves yorkies he has to he has 2 to look after he is also a avid footballer and loves to watch it on tv too he supports arsenal