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    Happy Birthday
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    Cropped/Docked or Natural?

    I Like the docked look on all dogs that normally has it done. Cropped look only on Dobes.Love the look of Dobes with a proper Dock and Crop.
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    Worst Watchdog...EVER.

    Well my moms house was broken into and my brothers old Staffie DIDN'T EVEN BARK.
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    Does your dog give Christmas presents to relatives?

    Teddy always gives to his cousins My Nieces last year he gave them a DVD player this year he is giving them necklaces.He gives the good gifts and Aunt Danni gives them clothes.
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    Dog licenese renewal

    Teddy is Licensed only because they came to the door right after I moved back to town because they got a complaint that he wasn't licensed.I know who called my ex and Teddy's so called Breeder wanting to use anything to try to take him from me.Didn't work they let me pay and get one right then...
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    Cropping And Docking Ban In Ontario

    I have no problem with Docking or Cropping.I don't have a breed that it is done but I feel that the Government has no right to tell people what they can and can not do.The Docking is done so young that the pups nerve endings has not fully come in yet,Correct.So they don't feel it at least thats...
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    Who says you can't protest a puppy store.

    I didn't get Teddy from a Good Breeder and I did Know better.She did no health Testing but she loved and took good care of her dogs.She was a so called Friend who offered me a Pup for half of what she sold them for because she was a friend at the time and I was in Love with Teddy.Would I get a...
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    Who says you can't protest a puppy store.

    All I have to say is This guy is not for real he cant be.Troll he is.
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    Okay, call me stupid...

    Ahhh He is sooo cute.I want I want.
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    Still can't believe it...

    Happy birthday you handsome man.
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    Summer's blonde moments.

    Ahhh My dad made stairs for Teddy to get up on my moms bed with her.He only remember how to use them when she has food.Of Topic but my mom is going to be heartbroken when I Do find my own place and take Teddy with me.
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    Happy birthday chloe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Chloe. Hope you got spoiled Well we know you did.
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    I give Teddy Rawhide with no problems and he is a 7 pound Pomeranian.I have always givin my dogs rawhide I just watch them at first to see if they can handle it..
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    Lots of Ferrets in Various Poses

    I love Ferrets.I had them for years before I had to move back home.I miss them carpet sharks.When i do end up moving out I am going to get at least 1 mind you I think its better to have more the 1 they are addictive.I had up to 5 at one time and loved it.Yours are sooo cute.
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    Returned from vet.. also question about weight.

    Oh and I forgot to add that My mother does have all ten fingers amputated at her first digits also her legs are amputated and she still would still declaw a cat.
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    Returned from vet.. also question about weight.

    [ If your cat WOULD slip outside, which DOES happen with indoor cats, you've taken away their main defense. Leaving them vulnerable to any and all attacks they might face. OK Personally I wouldn't declaw.Thats me I have no problem clipping claws. My mom got her cat declawed as a kitten...
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    happy first birthday puppy steve!

    Happy Birthday Handsome Man you
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    Breeders and keeping in touch

    I have not been in contact with Teddy's Breeder since he was 6 months old and hes 3 now. That is because of a personal thing between us.I don't ever expect to give her an update.If I ever bought a dog from a proper breeder the yes I would update them at least 1 X a year.
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    Feeding schedules

    I free feed too.When I had my other dogs I would feed 2xs a day.I have noticed with Teddy that he never eats alot at a time so free feedings better for him.