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    what is your favorite dogs color?

    My favorite color for a dog is silver/grey ... however, my "favorite dog's color" is black.
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    what are your dogs leash manners like?

    As we've always had dogs/breeds on the larger size (75-125 pounds), walking well on a lead was a fairly important priority. We've never had a puppy who wasn't, pretty much, "perfect" on lead, well before the end of week one. Most, after a couple of days, "had it". Our current boy is normally...
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    Breed Name Slang

    "Hate" is too strong a term. And it's not slang, but the actual (English) name of the breed with which I've always had issues ... the "Black Russian Terrier." With at least 17 breeds used in its development, and only one being a terrier (the Airedale, which was one of the secondary breeds...
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    Ok, Its time I share the news!

    If you wanted a stable family pet/guardian - one which will actually defend your family - assuming you can find, and hook up with, one of the few good breeders, you might want to look into a BRT. But although they're supremely capable in many areas, if you want that "super high drive sport...
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    Ok, Its time I share the news!

    As a BRT person, I was holding back and biting my lip at this thread. I absolutely adore the BRT; there is truly nothing like a good BRT. And although I'd, personally, never have one in this lifetime, I do have tremendous respect for the Mal. As has been noted, the adults from the prior...
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    starting a Kennel !

    First, I would state my own opinion, based on my own experience, that the overwhelming majority of breeders in North America are, at best, mediocre. What you're proposing could, in all likelihood, fall into the upper half of the breeder quality spectrum here. Even so, that would not make you the...
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    starting a Kennel !

    Absolutely. And my apologies for the misunderstanding. Of course she can ask him whatever she reasonably chooses. I was certainly not criticizing the criticism. Given the information provided, I'm surprised there hasn't been an enormous torrent of criticism ... The point I was trying to...
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    starting a Kennel !

    I understand the sentiment, ruffian, but the reality is that this a "friendly" open forum. Gilles is free to put forth his thoughts according to forum outlines. As such, I think it's a bit pretentious to think that he should be under some kind of obligation to "show proof" of anything, to...
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    starting a Kennel !

    A bit of common courtesy would seem to have been in order!?! As for those spelling and grammar "concerns", the O.P. is not from this country/continent. Thanks for the constructive input, Romy... Hopefully, it will be taken into careful consideration!
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    Male or female Bouvier for therapy?

    Steadiness/stability is not gender specific. Although this can be said of any breed, temperament can vary tremendously from line to line, and even within a single litter. Having had Bouviers for 20 yrs, IMO, unless size is an issue (as, generally speaking, male Bouv's which haven't been...
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    Your favorite dog names

    It's interesting how often a dog's name says more about the owner than the dog. ;)
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    Which breed does this sound like?

    That being said, I would humbly suggest that you might want to reconsider your interest in a Bullmastiff? And yes ... some lines of Spinone's do drool. However, they're not nearly in the same league as the two mastiffs! :rofl1:
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    Which breed does this sound like?

    As you hadn't mentioned anything about health or longevity, a Bernese would certainly fit the bill; the Leonbergers and Newfies we see around here are also of similar temperament and energy levels. Bullmastiffs being out, there is always the Dogue de Bordeaux. The Spinone Italiano would be a...
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    Large, Easy Going, HEALTHY Breeds

    Yes and yes. Leo's we meet around here are very nice dogs. 8 years old, however, is about it. Some (a few) live longer but, if you can get 8 years out of a Leo, you've done pretty well.
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    What would you do?

    Simple question. Simple answer: If it were the right puppy (for us), I'd get the puppy, in a heartbeat. I should add that my opinion will be of no consequence: I have no "moral objection" over this as I know that, done correctly, the procedure is totally benign (most of our current...
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    "Guardy" Breeds and Dog Aggression

    I would agree with blackrose. I would add that the more intense the actual guarding instincts, generally speaking, the less tolerant of any kind of aggression (or "dominance") in other dogs (or people). This, in and of itself, is not DA. Are you concerned with issues within "your pack", or...
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    Those of you with guardy dogs

    Extremely protective BRT ... Anyone we invite into our home is warmly welcomed as a guest. Nobody enters uninvited.
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    Find Me NextDog: Saurus Edition v 2.0

    The Barbet would be a gr8 choice, size aside; 60 pounds would be pushing it. As for dogs which fill all the requirements, the (male - for size) Irish Water Spaniel and Spinone Italianio come, immediately, to mind.
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    Deciding on a future smaller breed

    One breed which immediately comes to mind is the Schapendoes (Dutch Sheepdog). Except that the coat is, perhaps, a bit on the long side, I would say they would fall perfectly into each and every one of your "wants" Two pleasant surprises we had with these little fellows were: - how...
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    Pick a breed from each group

    Okay. I'll play ... Limiting this solely to (AKC) breeds which I have owned, do own, or would consider owning: Hound: - Otterhound Working: * Black Russian Terrier (*almost certain next dog) - Giant or Standard Schnauzer Sporting: - Spinone Italiano - Wirehaired Pointing...