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  1. Im not moving

    Im not moving

    And he didnt!! The advantage of having a cream sofa? You cant notice any dog hairs! (Cannot be said for paw prints after being walked on a rainy day down the local field)
  2. Look mum, just like on the t.v

    Look mum, just like on the t.v

    Both their expressions are priceless, some sort of dog agility training had been going on, including the jump up onto a table and "down". He even stayed long enough for the pose! Whats next flyball?
  3. Max


    This is one of the puppies that we had 02/09/2004. Was first one to leave the litter, suprisingly we were asked to rehome him, turning out to be quite a stunner!!
  4. Wurz and brother Max

    Wurz and brother Max

    Weighed them other day, nearly a stone in weight difference. And is was the little squirty runt who comes up the heaviest at 6 stone.
  5. Growing Up

    Growing Up

    Kali and Wurz now at 7 months, and growing big (Kali 4 stone and Wurz 5 stone)!
  6. King of Sleeping Awkwardly 2?

    King of Sleeping Awkwardly 2?

    Another day another position!!
  7. King of Sleeping Awkwardly?

    King of Sleeping Awkwardly?

    Wurz sleeping in one of his unusual positions, again!!
  8. N

    Comment by 'noggers1977' in media 'Ooowww'

    I agree with you otterpreneur, as if you would just stand there photoing your dog, while its head's stuck between bars!!! My puppies were always do this, till their heads got to big, but never got stuck.
  9. The longest lasting treat!

    The longest lasting treat!

    Funny thing was after 5minutes he woke up, then went back to sleep again without realising what was going on. His sister promptly ate it 20 seconds later!!
  10. Another in the garden

    Another in the garden

    Ty, with Queenie and pure white dog, and my Wurz to the right. You can see the size difference between Wurz and the rest of the litter, now he's huge!
  11. Tia, Pasty and Queenie

    Tia, Pasty and Queenie

    2 bitches and a dog (in the middle), cute little pic
  12. One of the whole litter

    One of the whole litter

  13. N

    Comment by 'noggers1977' in media 'My fave female'

    She was my second fave of the litter, and when an adult should grow to about the size of a bull-mastiff. Males normally grow to be a lot more bigger than the females.
  14. Minnie


    She is such a class looking puppy.
  15. Minnie The Minx

    Minnie The Minx

    Another one of my litter of american bulldog puppies. Was gonna crop the photo, but thought it amusing when comparing paws to Rosie (boxer)!
  16. We want what you're eating!!!

    We want what you're eating!!!

    Now i know how the animals at the zoo feel!!!
  17. Look at me!!!

    Look at me!!!

  18. 25th_November_2004_043


  19. Leader of the pack?

    Leader of the pack?

    Kali, my husbands pick of the litter. First born, and as you can see, likes being up the front
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