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    Oy Pacos....

    Not really, they're domed but smooth instead of the "cut" look. If you go back to my post last one on page 6 I posted an up close photo of them on Enda's collar.
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    Oy Pacos....

    cabochons! That's what the smooth stones are called, I would highly recommend them over the rhinestones any day, if you can request them from Paco?
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    Oy Pacos....

    That's the pattern on Enda's, and I have to say you should get the smoother stones Vs the rhine stones, they look WAY better! And especially if it's going on a blog. I just can't remember what they're called, starts with a "C"? Hang on... Here's a close up- EDIT: looked and it doesn't...
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    Oy Pacos....

    Can't justify the price, at all, so of course my one and only came second hand (although it's pretty much new condition), and the only reason I justified getting it was because it was custom made for her little sister. Don't get me wrong, I really love it, it's good quality, but they just don't...
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    Goodbye Mia...

    :( RIP Mia
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    Favorite dogs of your breed?

    I'm going to have to come back to Pems, but most of my all time favs are long, long gone. Beaucerons, the very first dog I ever fell head over heels for, that at one point I was almost adamant I would have one of his puppies (way back when I first started looking at the breed), Pin-Pon...
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    Breed guesses?

    Her ears look just like what happens when you mix a Dachshund with a Chihuahua. Her muzzle appears merle (mostly gray with a couple black spots, and the ears looks a little "spotty" too). Her legs are "normal" however. But, if I were to guess a shot in the dark, one parent was part Dachshund...
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    Petfinder ... Why do I do this to myself?

    Oh heck, while it's up here, not Petfinder but... I WANT DIESEL!
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    Introduction to my art!

    I absolutely adore your last piece, the use of gradients and texture really makes it pop.
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    Oh please can I have this dog?! I can't, really, I don't even know where he's located now because several of these dogs taken from Ohio, were railroaded to the mid west and west coast. Oh, but how can you not love that face! So, much, want. (It says he is good with other dogs, doesn't mean...
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    Anyone know if toads are toxic to dogs?

    After his encounter with the first one that I quickly removed from his presence, I swear he just started searching out the toads and only toads! "Addiction" sure sounds about right, lol. Darned Corgis.
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    Anyone know if toads are toxic to dogs?

    Again, depends on the toads. Years ago Jinjo started a fetish with chasing toads which of course lead him to nipping at them, he just frothed at the mouth and I rinsed him out and he's obviously fine from it, did it about 3 times in one summer. I do try to keep the dogs from coming into such...
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    You all know what this is, right?

    No, you wont! Quite possibly it's one of the most addicting substances on this planet! :hail:
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    You all know what this is, right?

    Okay, I've honestly NEVER heard it called "puppy chow" before, we always called it Muddy Buddies (because that's what the recipe on the box calls it). Home-made is the only way here, because commercial confectioners sugar is FULL of corn starch, so I make my own powdered sugar in a blender, and...
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    My Mia - Osteosarcoma

    :cry: I can not believe the twins are already 11! I'm so sad to hear about the diagnosis though, Osteo is one of the worse.
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    Feeding Before and After Exercise? (Bloat concern)

    I feed them twice a day. I try to never let Enda get to much exercise or excitement right after eating, or she throws up, every time never fails (my strange dog), but I do find that about a half hour is good, an hour is better before "heavy" activity. I never have to worry about the totally lax...
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    Free to good home. Dumb and dumber.

    :rofl1: I envy people who can teach dogs to hold items on their face, I always seem to end up with collie-faced dogs :o. lol
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    Missed you! Welcome back, and yes sorry about the question box, but it really put a dent in the spam, I still often forget to fill it in :rolleyes:.
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    To Catch a Parakeet

    Go to Craigslist, get a cheap/free bird cage, fill a cup with seed and place inside, attach a string to the door, sit and wait, bird-in-question flies in pull the string to close the door. Well, that's what I would try anyway.
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    Petfinder ... Why do I do this to myself?

    Oh my gosh! It looks like someone cut and pasted the head of a Corgi onto the body of a wild animal! Maned wolf comes to mind, :rofl1: