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  1. Tortilla

    Tiny red tricks and others

    Great pictures as always. Tulsa is so expressive! :) And I love the one of Harlow in the pool, she looks like she is loving life. :rofl1:
  2. Tortilla

    Stacked Dogs

    Paris Breed: Border Collie Age: 18 months Sex: Female (intact) Weight: 24 lbs. Height: 17-18ish " And at 11 months.
  3. Tortilla

    What are your favorite tug toys?

    We have so many tugs, Paris will tug with anything. :) We have lots of fleece tugs and a few milkers. But her absolute favourite thing in the whole wide world is this:
  4. Tortilla

    Leather Collars

    I just got Paris a Paco collar. It's my first leather collar and I like it. My pics aren't the best and don't really do it any justice though.
  5. Tortilla

    Summer is Here (lots of pics)

    My friend also took these awesome pictures of Paris at agility a couple weeks ago (again, have permission to share). And I've been dog sitting a friend's PWD who is awesome and Paris thinks is the best in the universe. Done!! Sorry if the pictures are really huge.
  6. Tortilla

    Summer is Here (lots of pics)

    Unimpressed by flowers. He can be super adorable when he wants to be :) After discovering Paris' love of the dock, my friend and I decided to rent a pool. She took these awesome pictures of Paris (I have permission to share) A few more!
  7. Tortilla

    Summer is Here (lots of pics)

    Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately. :) Both dogs are doing awesome. Paris and I are having a lot of fun in our training and learning lots. She is amazing. Seamus continues to be hilarious and makes me laugh pretty much constantly. Last week we did...
  8. Tortilla

    Leashes for Sports

    I don't know about nosework but I have two tug leashes for agility (one from Rush to Tug and one from 4 my merles) and like them a lot. I also have a zumi dual leash that I like too. :) They aren't 10 ft though, I think mine is 6 ft.
  9. Tortilla

    Awkward Puppies

    When Paris sprouted legs at 12 weeks. Five months old and kinda awkward. And not really awkward puppy but Seamus the day we got him. :rofl1:
  10. Tortilla

    1st place in freestyle - the beastie boy

    That is awesome! Congrats on first place. :) We have UpDog tomorrow but are not attempting freestyle, haha.
  11. Tortilla

    Snapshot from your day

    Taken by my friend yesterday but I love it. :)
  12. Tortilla

    Snapshot from your day

  13. Tortilla

    But seriously, so cute.

    They are so adorable. :)
  14. Tortilla

    What kind of dog do you have?

    Seamus is a 10 year old mixed breed. We adopted him from a shelter in 2006. Paris is a 15 month old BC. :)
  15. Tortilla

    Recent-ish Pics

    and his signature pose :p
  16. Tortilla

    Recent-ish Pics

    I haven't really posted here in a while so thought I would share some pictures of Seamus and Paris from the past couple months. Paris is fifteen months old now and is just wonderful. We have been doing agility classes and are having so much fun. Seamus is turning ten this year and continues to...
  17. Tortilla

    Siege and Me (bonus: and Trent goes crazy)

    Beautiful pictures! :) Their personalities really shine through.