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    would you microchip your dog?

    Do any of you microchip your dog?? I didn't think it was a very common practice -- but this article says that 3,567,715 pets have been chipped! I had no idea it was that common. What do you guys think?
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    Weather Application

    Thought this was cool...The Weather Network has a phone application which updates you with alerts and live weather conditions. Another way to rely more on your phone.
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    Puppy Foods

    How do you guys feel about feeding puppies all-life stages foods? I know one of which is Taste of the Wild. I never fed my dog TOTW as a pup, but wanted to see if anyone here currently is, or feeding something similar.
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    Dog Saves Kittens from Fire

    I haven't seen this story discussed on here, so I'm posting it. Thought this was a great story about a dog that saved a litter of kittens from a fire. He sat by the kittens until fire fighters found them. More on the story here:
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    Dog Food Coupons

    I've found this site to be pretty cheap for buying dog food and treats. I purchase Taste of the Wild, and it's about $4 cheaper on this site than in the stores I've seen them in.
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    Wild Dog

    I don't know whether to feel bad for the kid or to crack up laughing. None the less, this dog is full of energy.
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    Puppy Love

    Thought this video was pretty funny. It's about a woman who's having trouble in her love life because of her dog. I think I know a few people like that :lol-sign:
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    Photo Sharing for your Pets

    Has anyone created a Shutterfly Share site for their dog? The site allows you to upload pictures, and to write journal entries about your pictures and events. It's pretty cool since each share site is designed to be dedicated to a special event..for example "your pup's first year". I'm using...
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    Dog Treats

    What kind of treats does everyone give their dogs? I was leaning towards Bright Bites since it's good for the dog's teeth and it takes the place of brushing. Any thoughts?
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    Pet lovers on Twitter?

    Anyone here use I just saw one of my favorite pet blogs - - is using it now. for those interested!
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    Smelly dog breath?

    i just found out about Bright Bites - they seem like a good cure for bad doggy breath and also help dogs maintain good oral hygiene. Their website explains that while brushing a dog’s teeth is the best way to maintain dental health, these treats help fight plaque and tartar build-up on a...
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    Whole Dog Journal 2008 Grain-Free List

    Has anyone seen this yet? A good list of grain-free foods approved by Whole Dog Journal. There is a lot of interesting information on the page and my favorite food, Taste of the Wild, made it on the list! :hail: Artemis Pet Foods ~ North Hollywood, CA Maximal Dog WDJ Comment: A...
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    i love the internet sometimes

    because you can do things like this - a cute doggy licking a screen nonstop!
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    How much do you spend?

    Have any of you seen this article? Would you or do you spend more money on your dog food than human food? Pet owners may tighten belts before leashes by Kyran Pittman Feb 25th 2008 @ 8:45AM Filed under...