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  1. Giny

    What happened?

    Once in a while I visit the forum but my online time is mostly spent on FB now. It has every thing I need in one spot, chazhound group, Toy poodle groups and other non dog interest groups.
  2. Giny

    Hello from CeCe

    Yes I do. :D
  3. Giny

    how Vic is going to winter over

    That looks perfect, I may snuggle next to Vic.
  4. Giny

    Naughty little CeCe

    Thank you.:)
  5. Giny

    Naughty little CeCe

    Happy Holidays from the naughtly sweet CeCe.
  6. Giny

    Hello from CeCe

    She's still cheeky as always.
  7. Giny

    Hello from CeCe

    Thank you BostonBanker, she did very well with her surgery and bounced back very quick.
  8. Giny

    The Poodle Pop-in

    Oh my goodness, they are beautiful!!! I remember in the past, you mentioning that you wanted to get poodles. And you sure got some stunners too. <3
  9. Giny

    Another pig

    I love it, so much personality in your work.
  10. Giny

    CeCe's heart throb

    CeCe would like to introduce you to her best friend. We can't go on our walks without saying hello to Jayden (a pitbull/husky mix). She's so in love with this guy. The shih tzu, at the beginning of the video, is Lucky. He's our neighbor's dog that that we bring with us on our day walks.
  11. Giny

    Hello from CeCe

    CeCe is doing great, she just celebrated her first birthday on the 9th of October. She's getting spayed next Thursday. I'm a bit anxious about it but she's in good hands and I'm sure she'll do fine. Here she is from our walk a few days ago.
  12. Giny

    CeCe playing with labradoodle puppy.

    CeCe (toy poodle) comes to work with me every day and has the pleasure in meeting many dogs. She loves dogs, I think she likes dogs more then people. In this video it shows how she finally manage to encourage the 3 1/2 month old puppy to play with her. He first came in nervous but after a while...
  13. Giny

    Favorite Small Dog Collars

    I use step in harness for CeCe but also keep a soft collar on her during the day for her id tag. I ordered it through eBay from someone who makes them. She has a multitude of different colors/patterns for a very affordable price. I think I payed 10 dollars, that also includes taxes. I'm planing...
  14. Giny

    The loss of my trio

    So true, Laurelin! I love that, when I'm ready, I'll be able to brows in my past Chaz history so I can read and see stories of their past.
  15. Giny

    Our new puppy

    This is our new puppy, CeCe. After the loss of our sweet Kassie, this past January, the house was so quiet and sad so we ended up finding CeCe. She is a love bug, quite a flirt towards men and other dogs. She's also a Toy Poodle like my Kassie, she's now 7 months old. Did her puppy training and...
  16. Giny

    The loss of my trio

    Boomer passed away at the age of 10 years. It was sudden, congestive heart failure. Tilly passed away at 15 years of age do to a progression type of COPD. And Kassie died suddenly in my arms at the age of 13 years old. It's was so difficult, the silence in our home was painful. Kassie came to...
  17. Giny

    The loss of my trio

    It seems like ages since I've been here. I first loss my sweet Boomer(brown toy poodle) in December of 2012, then Tilly (grey miniature poodle) in April 2014 then my heart broke to pieces when I lost my last dear heart baby, Kassie,( cream toy poodle), this past January. It's been a difficult...
  18. Giny

    How often do you wash your dog bowls?

    I feed mine home cooked, twice a day, in a dish and it gets put in the dishwasher after every use. I did feed them kibbles quite a few years ago and back then I didn't wash it quite as often so I can understand those who don't.
  19. Giny

    Does anyone know what the heck this is?

    Do you have foxtails there? Could one have imbedded in his skin. It's the first thing that came to mind.
  20. Giny

    Two men experiencing labour! Video.

    The question is, do the forget about the pain a year later? Funny how most women forget about the labor pain. I remember having pain but forget how it felt. Certain things during delivery I haven't forgot, but the labor pains is totally forgotten. Very funny video. Brave men. :rofl1: