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  1. lakotasong

    So mad at Jazz's breeder!

    Sounds like one crap-tastic breeder... What a shame, poor pup.
  2. lakotasong

    Michigan Sled Dogs In Need!

    Six rescued sled dogs who are heartworm positive are just beginning treatment in a Michigan humane society - these dogs need a lot of help financially and emotionally... Please visit Michigan Dogs Sled Dogs In Need blog post to learn more.
  3. lakotasong

    purebred husky? Lol

    Just a note, no such thing as a "Miniature Siberian Husky." UKC registration does nothing for the supposed validity of Klee Kai's.
  4. lakotasong

    What to Ask the Vet

    I would ask if VARL allergy testing is available through that clinic.
  5. lakotasong

    Best Friends animal sanctuary, what do you think?

    I think that they're a great organization. I've been a member of their online site for a couple years now, and there's so much good information and things to do on there. One of my favorite things about them is how much educational work they do. They also host/give seminars, some of which I'd...
  6. lakotasong

    A Brave Voice Against Puppymills

    The Portland Oregonian described Ted Paul as an upstanding citizen and a life-time dog fancier. Indeed, his love of pets and his local prominence were the reasons he recently found himself in the news. You see, the Oregon businessman had traveled to the state Capitol and testified in support of...
  7. lakotasong

    Little Itty Bitty Pitty

    What an adorable pup. Hope to see more pictures as time progresses!
  8. lakotasong

    Gunner neutered last Monday now he is having problems

    I'd give it, for sure. Best of luck, hope your boy feels better soon.
  9. lakotasong

    Bias and hypocricy of views

    Just a note since a couple of you responded to my use of the term guardian: I'm proud to be a guardian.
  10. lakotasong

    Bias and hypocricy of views

    Truth hurts.
  11. lakotasong

    Bias and hypocricy of views

    Hello, I'm an animal rights activist. I am currently guardian to six dos and six cats, as well as two snakes, a ferret and a beta fish. All of my animals that can be altered, are altered. And they're all living longer, happier lives because of it. I research the appropriate time to spay/neuter...
  12. lakotasong

    Its been so long I cant remember

    Nope, sorry. Certainly do remember you though.
  13. lakotasong

    What To Do If Animal Control Knocks on Your Door

    BUMP...? This post is a sad example of this forum's will to protect anyone and everyone from the ethical sector of law enforcement for animals.
  14. lakotasong

    Thinking about calling animal control

    Start keeping track of date/time when the dog is off its property, and where it is (road, sidewalk, someone else's property, etc.) and also any interaction it has with you or your dog. Write it all down. Each instance can be ticketed. If the dog is in the road, I would personally scoop it up and...
  15. lakotasong

    Microchips...what brand?

    All of my dogs are microchipped with the resQ chip from Bayer. resQ Pet Tracking System - Protecting the bond between pets & owners My two favorite features: their chips are universal and their online registration is TERRIFIC! You can upload a photo, tons of information... And you can...
  16. lakotasong

    SB 250 is 9/12ths of the way there!

    How logical and mature. And it's "you're." But no, I am not a PETA member (though I know that's the easy way to try and invalidate someone you disagree with around here). I am, however, a member of Dogs Deserve Better, In Defense of Animals and the Humane Society of the United States. I also...
  17. lakotasong

    SB 250 is 9/12ths of the way there!

    The information is from Social Compassion, you can inquire there as to the citations. I have no clue what municipalities they are referring to. On the same note, however, I can provide a couple of instances from my own research paper...
  18. lakotasong

    SB 250 is 9/12ths of the way there!

    Also on the table currently is The Responsible Breeder Act: AB 241, The Responsible Breeder Act, is well on its way to becoming a full fledged law! Assemblyman Nava’s bill addresses the problems puppy mills create by limiting the number of intact cats or dogs a seller can maintain to 50...