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  1. MaxsMommy

    Oliver The Sneaker Monster

    Good evening all! Snickers here hoping everyone is staying healthy and safe in this crazy world! So about the title: Well my Grammy is visiting and let me in on a little known secret. First, see, I come from a long family of shoe dogs, and it all started with my great great Grampy dog Oliver...
  2. MaxsMommy

    Aunty’s Yummy New Chew Toys!

    Good afternoon all! Long time, no bark from! Sorry, but mommy just started a new job and has been taking part time classes. Me, well I am just trying to keep my nose out of trouble, which for a big Saint Bernard, its not always easy! Well, right now I am in doggy heaven. Aunty just arrived at...
  3. MaxsMommy

    Greetings From a Naughty Boy!

    Good evening all! Snickers here just barking that I hope all you dogs and humans had a grrrrreat holiday season and are pumped for a totally awesome new year! I am really pumped right now and am having the bestest time EVER! See, my Aunty Kristen is doggysitting me for the next two weeks...
  4. MaxsMommy

    After School Snack!

    I sure do like to have fun! Aunty Kristen is doggysitting me right now and I’m getting ready to devour these new reeboks right off her feet! Grrrrrrr Slurp!!!!! D87BA907-492E-4930-9064-0B887922C35C by MaxsMommy posted May 23, 2018 at 6:05 PM Snickers
  5. MaxsMommy

    After School Snack!

    Snickers is about 150ish. A real charmer :)
  6. MaxsMommy

    After School Snack!

    So apparently mommy has not yet got the hang of posting pics yet. Jeesh!!!947CCB92-4111-4481-AC5B-81BC92FF876E by MaxsMommy posted Apr 26, 2018 at 11:29 PM ED27B534-5A29-4360-8E37-AD4755BCD430 by MaxsMommy posted Apr 26, 2018 at 11:29 PM AF55D492-4257-43E0-BD90-038C542F85E8 by MaxsMommy posted...
  7. MaxsMommy

    After School Snack!

    Good evening all from Maine! Snickers here hoping all you humans and beautiful dogs are doing grrrrreat! I am a big loveable Saint Bernard and my mommy rescued me a while back and brought me to live with her in my forever home! Hopefully I can fit in here and meet some new friends! Now I am...
  8. MaxsMommy

    Fun Day

    Hi All, It's Max the crazy Saint Bernard! Just checking in and letting all you dogs in on my fun day! We had some of my family over for a BBQ this afternoon. It's good to see everyone, and I love playing with my Aunts and Uncles, and letting them give me tummy rubs! I have had all kinds of...
  9. MaxsMommy

    My Snack

    http:// Hey all your beautiful dogs and hoomans, It's Max! SSSShhhhh!!!!! I am trying to be very quiet. See, my Grammy is currently asleep on the couch and I am being very naughty. Please try not to bark too loud because you might wake her and I will be in big troubles! She is wearing...
  10. MaxsMommy

    Max the Poet

    Ha! That was just the first bite!!! :)
  11. MaxsMommy

    Max the Poet

    Good morning all! It's Max barking I hope all you dogs and humans are having a good weekend. We got lots of snow at my house so I spent yesterday playing outside. Well, we had my auntie at the house for a short time, and as you can see I was naughty. I thought I would make a poem and see...
  12. MaxsMommy

    Help A Dog Out!

    Greetings All!, It's Max barking I hope all you dogs and humans are enjoying the holidays! BBbrrrrr....It has been cold where we live. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the cold should not bother me, but maybe I am getting soft in my "old age" Well, I have been trying to keep my nose clean and stay...
  13. MaxsMommy

    "Sneak" Attack!

    Hi All, it's Max saying I sure wish summer did not end!!!!! It's cold in Maine, and snow will be falling soon. I will be able to roll around in it and make a snow dog angel! I have also been trying to keep my nose clean and stay out of trouble, but it is just not working. My nextdoor...
  14. MaxsMommy

    I'm A Luuuucckky Dog!

    Hey All, It's Max. Long time no bark from! Mommy has had lots of life stuff come up, different job, and we moved, and all kinds of things to prevent us from spending lots of time on the 'aputer! Well, because I have not been around, I thought I would let all you dogs in on a little surprise...
  15. MaxsMommy

    I Had A Ruff Week :(

    Hi All, it's Max the Saint Bernard. How are all you dogs doin????Well, things were goin pretty good for me. With my Auntie visiting last week and me eating up her new sneakers. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Well, ! got news on last Tuesday that my playmate from the dogpark Wags...
  16. MaxsMommy

    Hello From Maine!

    Sorry All! Sorry All, Mommy has been really busy, and so today was the first time she could post a photo of me! Bark Later!!!! Max
  17. MaxsMommy

    My Doggy Dilema

    Hi All, it's Max the Saint Bernard newbie. I really like this site and Mommy has learned alot of stuff too! Well, my dilema all started this afternoon. I am pretty well behaved except for when I am around shoes, especially sneakers. All our guests are warned that if they attempt to wear them...
  18. MaxsMommy

    Hello From Maine!

    Hi All!, My name is Max and I am a Saint Bernard. I live with my mommy in Maine. Despite what you mighta heard, it does not snow here in the summer. A few of my favorite things are: playing outside, meeting new people, and chewing on new nike sneakers! Well, I will bark with ya later!