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    Let's Be Controversial

    I have no problem with trans using whatever bathroom. I do have a problem with a man in the women/girls' locker room who still has his penis (ie, the case at a high school in Missouri). Why do the rights of one trans outweigh the rights of the rest of the girls using that locker room, most of...
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    What happened?

    I guess I'm one of the three people who don't have a Facebook account, and I don't 'chat' well online anyway, like Maxy... so, oh well... I do miss Renee's dry sense of humor, I hope she's doing okay.
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    Sloppy Sits

    Riley tends to sit sloppy, he will sit 'correctly' if I get after him, but he's never had any knee problems (until Michaela broadsided him last year). When we were taking agility lessons, I took him to a vet who specialized in sports, chiropractic and rehab, just to get a baseline. I asked her...
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    Thank you, and have fun! Lots of nice people and everyone cheers for a Q. There's a woman with a Terv who is just amazing to watch - the dog is super fast, barks when she finds a rat and stops to look at her handler when the course is clear. She finished her Master title at this trial...
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    He may be old, and he may be blind

    He looks good! He's such a sweetheart, I'm glad the grandkids love him, too - they look so proud to be walking him.
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    Just got home from a weekend of Barn Hunt (2 tests per day) where Michaela had moved up to Senior level (or, as the judge said during the morning briefing, welcome to Purgatory). On her first run, Michaela found the first 3 rats in 58 seconds (maximum time is 3 min 30 sec) and found the fourth...
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    Some stripey dog pics, just because...

    Michaela at 18 mos (we figure she'll be two in May) Michaela hunting frogs late last summer Running dogs Jawing Sparring It takes two to tango Isnarl Done.
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    Harness - front attach but not restrictive

    Have you looked at Alpine Outfitters? They sell the Urban Trail harness with the option of a D ring in the front for hard pullers. They will make a custom size harness for you, in whatever color you'd like, along with reflective strips. You can get the standard or an adjustable harness (adjusts...
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    Pepper pot peppertini Dr pepper chili pepper bell pepper

    Pretty girl! I can relate to the nose in the ground photo - that's Michaela's favorite occupation.
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    New Camera = Some Crystal and Hero Pictures

    Great pics! I love the second to last pic of Crystal with her head a little sideways, rolling her eye at the camera. Such personality! Hero is one handsome young fellow, and the head tilt is so cute. Only 5.5 months?? Yeep!
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    Just wanted to share...

    Thanks! Next trial is the third weekend in March, and we can join the countless others who only find 3 out of 4 rats... :D Sis came to a practice and took some photos... Looking for rats Found one! It was tucked under the slanted bale. Found another, and she doesn't want to give...
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    Happy Birthday Xena!

    Happy birthday, little girl, and here's to many, many more!
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    Lets see your horses!!

    Rusty was our first horse. Sis and I shared him for about a year before Sis bought a Morgan/Tennessee Walker mare who was sold cheap because the mare was smarter than the people who owned her and enjoyed terrorizing them. Rusty was an 11 yr. old QH bought at a farm auction for a whopping $105...
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    Ceasr Milon came up in topic today during a group discussion

    I dunno... maybe ask them what their worst, most phobic fear is, like snakes or spiders, then ask them to imagine a person who doesn't speak their language, comes up and decides to 'cure' them of their fear by immersing them in snakes or spiders. He won't let them out until they stop fighting...
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    Leaving dog with roommates when I leave

    Listen to your dog - if he's uncomfortable around your roommates, keep him locked in your bedroom when you're not there. If you trust him uncrated, leave him loose in your locked bedroom. If you want to crate him, crate him. It's not your roommates' call - it's what you decide is best for your...
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    Just wanted to share...

    Michaela finished her Open title in Barn Hunt, so we can move up to Senior (looking for 4 rats in a larger area, with a longer tunnel with more turns in 3 min, 30 sec. time) I'm so proud of her and she got a lot of compliments on how well she worked.
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I have relatives who got doodles last year, both are very nice dogs and very cute. My only 'issue' (and it's just me personally) is the high price each paid for their puppy. They paid more for their puppies than I paid for my Morgan horse. :yikes: I just can't see myself paying that much for...
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    For Riley: "Let go of your sister's face!" and "What a good stripey dawg!" For Michaela: "Get up, Little Grrrl, we've got to go!" (She is an absolute slug in the morning and I have to literally lift one end of her bed to roll her out.) For Murphy: "What a good fluffer dog!" and "Enough!"...
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    Your Dog/s Bedtime/Wakeup Time

    The dogs go to bed when I do (between 9 and 10pm), although they are usually snoozing after dinner. During the work week, I'm up at 4am to feed horses/clean the barn, and the slug dogs drag themselves out of bed reluctantly. I take that back, the boys get up, Michaela has to be literally rolled...
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Glad it went okay and that's great you'll be able to go to the room without distractions.