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    Sarah Palin is really against women's rights. She scares me.
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    Do you ever feel that you will be overly upset when your dog passes?

    When I was 11 I lost my horse Raven... he was my heart horse. I was closer to him than I was to my dog at the time. I kind of shattered emotionally when he died - I entered into a deep depression that lasted for years, but that no one in my family actually treated for. I finally came out of it...
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    Update to Mojo

    Hey everyone, My apologies for continuing to drop out of sight on this board. Life is very full and busy for me so I just tend to forget to check in. :) As for Mojo? The bump on his nose has gone down significantly... it's barely noticeable. If you didn't know he had had problems you...
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    Mojo's Biopsy Results

    I spoke with the vet today. The biopsy came back negative. The bump on Mojo's nose is not a tumor of any sort. Instead it's a inflamation spot possibly brought on by his allergies, cause his body to attack itself. Mojo does not need surgery or any more treatment for it. Although we will...
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    dog park "fun"

    I don't take my dog to dog parks for that very reason. We had a similar incident 3 years ago, but then my Mojo was getting gained up on by a JRT and 2 huskies. None of the owners cared enough about what was going on to do jack **** about their dogs bad behavior. So I did what you did and picked...
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    Chloe needs good vibes

    Sorry to hear about what's happening with Chloe. My thoughts are with you... I know how hard it is to wait. :(
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    Mojo's Pre-Op Appointment Was Today

    Mojo went in for a pre-op consultation today. Right now Mojo is still at the Vet having the mass on his nose biopsied. He will be put under anesthesia and they will be cutting a small part of it off to test. I will know the results by the end of this week. The Resident I spoke to didn't...
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    White Growth On Nose?

    update to this - I did take Mojo to the vet last week. Through pathology they determined that he has a histiocytoma tumor on his nose. The vet wants to have it removed because it did grow so quickly, as well as it's location. We go back next week to meet with the surgeon and have pre-op tests...
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    White Growth On Nose?

    Hi... I'm not sure who will remember me. I was a regular member about two years ago but life got in the way... To rehash, I have a pit bull mix named Mojo. He is now about 6 years old and has always been healthy. He is up-to-date on his shots, and is being fed Innova out of metal dishes. A...
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    Madison, WI - Candlelight Vigil Against BSL @ 8pm 8/17/07

    I know I havne't been on Chaz in a really long time... and for that you have my apologies. It's not been intentional, I've just been really busy in my real life. (And Yes! Mojo is doing fantastic still. He makes all of my bad days seem good!) On that note - I wanted to let all of my fellow...
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    Buddhist Service?

    Has anyone here been to a Buddhist Service before? I live just north of the Deerpark Buddhist Center. Deerpark is a Buddhist monestary in Oregon, Wi, which offers free Buddhist Services on Sundays. I'm just beginning to explore Buddhism, and would like to attend a Service, but have no idea...
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    how I woke up today...

    all of those ways that other dogs wake their owners make me glad that Mojo's best ways to wake me up include staring, sighing, and then when I'm being really lazy getting up and running in circles on the wooden floor. He's not allowed to kiss my face (at all) because of my asthma, and he will...
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    how I woke up today...

    This morning Mojo decided to get my conscious self going in a whole new matter. When I opened my eyes and focused on him this morning (he sleeps in my bed), he rolled over onto his back and started to watch me upside down. So, i'm slowly waking up watching my dog's upper lips start to droop by...
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    New Seattle Dog Boutique Offends Locals

    I have no problem with the sign. In fact I find it hilarious. Then again my mouth not only says bitch but it also says the c word (which I really won't say here because I know how much it bothers others) when I am angry about anything including myself. I say it because I find the entire thing...
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    APBT/AmStaff/+other bully breed owners...

    I can't do it right now but i have a picture of my pit bull mix Mojo chasing his tail... while wearing a dorky green sweater. I have others as well, but i will post those to here later. :)
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    The Westie

    Actually Mojo, I know, has issues with dogs just charging us. We've been attacked before on leash by dogs that were off leash in on leash areas. Not by this dog, or this place, but several years ago after I first adopted him. He has been a little protective of me ever since, because during that...
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    Crazy crazy weather

    Lots of snow here last weekend - a good 15" or so for the entire weekend. Wisconsin doesn't see that kind of snow often! And it was thundering and lightening during the snow storm too! Yikes! Today it's been a freezing mix all day with rumors of more rain coming soon. WTF?
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    I'm not very fond of my vet now

    What they did was unacceptable in my opinion. My vets don't even give treats without asking first!!!
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    The Westie

    I tend to keep a low profile here. I like to keep Mojo and my housing so I don't mouth off too much. But I wish now, that i had thought of that comeback when I was in the middle of holding onto my poofy dog! ;) Actually what's more scary to me is the fact they are letting this dog run off...
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    Pitbull Hero in the Philippines

    I'm saving that story. That is an example of what makes owning these dogs (even though yes i have a mix) so rewarding.