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    Does any of this add up for anyone?

    I know I don't post on here alot but I thought I would chip in because I get alot of the same symptoms as well. I have very low iron levels, almost anemic. So maybe thats the problem?
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    Trick Challenge

    I think me and Shadow will join in on this! =)
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    Athlete foot over the counter meds?

    Give hydrogen peroxide or vinegar a try..It's really cheap too. It works wonders for people in my family. Though if your skin is cracked it might not be the best option it will sting like crazy.
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    Oh fcuknuts!!!!!!

    Oh okay haha sounds like you got it undercontrol :D I have no idea how to do that, im cluless past the basics.. goodluck with the rest!!!!
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    Oh fcuknuts!!!!!!

    I dont know if this is what your looking for, but who knows it may be?? hit print screen and show us what your screen looks likee someone will tell you where to click hahaa
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    Any guesses as to what breed(s) this little girl doggie might be?

    Looks a little like a wirehaired Daschund, maybe some Tibetan Terrier It is hard to tell with that picture though, sorry!
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    Can I get a signature, please?

    I made you one:), its really umm.. modified sorry lol i don't mind if you don't use it, I'm sure there are lots of others on here who would make you a more "normal" one, I had a fun time making it lol [/IMG]
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    Who wants to be my bestest superfriend

    I don't really post here anymore just lurk around sometimes but... was at home sick and had nothing to do all day so I gave your siggy a go for sheer entertainment purposes thought I might as well post what I made even though Bax already made you two really cute ones :)
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    Thanks for the help! Now how do I convince my vet??? she has been giving shadow all these shots for the past 5 years I don't even know how to convince her ...she comes in gives her the shots without telling us what it is... without even asking if its okay and then gives us the bill. When I've...
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    I have not posted here for a while I've been so busy, but there is a question I have that I can't seem to find a solid enough answer for on the internet. So I came here because you guys all know lots about dogs and most of you vaccinate them ;) hopefully!!! Everyone says something different for...
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    official name that puppy thread.

    Orion Never Seen Blue- could call him Eiffel haha (after the song I’m Blue by eiffel) Names for the color Blue (azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sapphire, teal, turquoise, ultramarine Orion Ultramarine Brilliance Orion Azure Star Orion Streak Of Teal Orion...
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    So I'm back from Ohio... and I have MANY pics

    Looks like a fun trip! The bunny is not a "meat" rabbit though technically any bunny is. It looks like a dwarf rabbit. Meat rabbits and wild rabbits are usually brown in color and are much larger. Since it's fur is longer it could be part anggora rabbit, it looks like a mix though.
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    Buddy advice please!

    I would give him shark liver oil caplets. They can cure cancer,allergies, they prevent people from getting sick... my dad was telling me about them. Since I've started taking them I've never been sick,, you could give it a shot and the best thing is that there is no harm.
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    Does anyone want..

    OoO I do! If it will fit in my printer, I haven't been able to afford a one for about 2 months.. I have an HP deskjet F2140.
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    Ok We're Stumped. Guesses?

    The weight is throwing me off.. Shadow weighs 26 pounds and she is a small dog (she is at a perfect weight though. That dog looks 3-4 times bigger then Shadow.
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    Are you a screamer?

    I scream!
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    Game: Would you rather....

    I would rather watch one funny movie! A stupid one every days for the rest of my life would be a huge waste of time. Would you rather be missing a finger or have an extra toe?
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    Game: Would you rather....

    I would rather get trampled by a sheep because the weight less lol. Would you rather be debt free or 10 years ahead of schedule?
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    Game: Would you rather....

    Wash the walls! My because if your scrubing the floor your knees get all wet ..ick Would you rather be able to bring around all world peace or eliminate all hunger and disease?
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    Who can find it???

    LOL. is this a trick question.. I see the headlight, a partial jeep and a tire.