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    Introducing a dog into my home - suggestions?

    Hey thanks alot for your reply.. Tonight is his first night back home and he is sleeping in the guest room with my sister. Him and my golden were basically fine together, my pug hasn't met him yet he is staying at my moms house tonight. I hope things will go alright, they are just so...
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    Introducing a dog into my home - suggestions?

    Hi there, I have an interesting situation, I have a golden retriever who is 4, and a pug who is 1.5, and a cane corso who is 2.5. My corso, Hugo, lived with my ex until a few months ago when some problems arose and then he lived with my sister as I couldn't have 3 dogs where I was renting at...
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    I Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone sorry for not posting earlier, I've had a really rough and stressful few days.. the bite was not severe, his bottom teeth didn't catch and my ex is pretty sure the child may have fell on him or provoked him in some other way, not on purpose perhaps but they should not have been...
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    I Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please someone help me, my cane corso bit a childs face and my ex gave the vet permission to have him put down. He LEFT THE DOG ALONE WITH THE CHILD. It is his girlfriends son. He is not a vicious dog and what he did was totally inappropriate it is my exes fault not the dogs! He did not...
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    Medi-cal dog food opinions?

    I am wondering what to do for my Zac, he is still chubby and I think he needs to go on better quality food?? He eats Euikinuba or however u spell it large breed right now. How is Medi-cal?? It is expensive only from vets.. does anyone have any good things to say about it? Do they have a reducing...
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    Beware asthma inhalers

    Wow thats so freaky! I am glad your dogs are okay, thats so weird last nite i stayed at my friends and left my inhaler on his counter, and said, is that ok? and hes like, no best put it in the cupboard cuz he has a grabby dog but I had no idea it could be so serious! I have 3 cats and my...
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    My dog won't go to the bathroom!

    Zac will pee on grass, or on his walks etc.. he always will pooh at the dog park, or on a feild, basically anywhere.. except on rock it appears lol. I've just never had a reason to train him to go on rock. I will try the exercise.. i hope he gets used to it.. or I am gonna be buying a small...
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    Bad hit by car

    Dang :( I am so sorry to hear that... what a horrible thing to experience. At least you were with her. I am sure you brough her much comfort!! :( I hope you feel better soon and get in touch with her owners..
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    My dog won't go to the bathroom!

    I just moved a few days ago, and my dog has to learn how to go pee out front of my house on rock/dirt, with a few plants. There is no yard and I don't want to walk him to the grassy park a block away EVER time he has to pee! I don't know what to do, I take him out and he just sits there...
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    Binn and his balls.. lol

    omg can he be any cuter :D
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    Buddy goes in for his second treatment today...

    Poor guy, I hope he gets better fast!!!
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    When does play turn into fight

    My dogs play, it looks like wrestling. My golden crinkles his nose to show his teeth too but his tail is wagging and hes half smiling. They kinda fflip around, biting on eachothers heads, jowels, etc. lol Sometimes zac, my golden will bark or growl at hugo my cane corso if hugo is trying to get...
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    Would childrens gravol be ok for a dog?

    i would call your vet to make sure.
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    You Know You Want to Click...(Please Vote for Pumkin!)

    I voted twice. sorry to hear about pumkin.
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    Why pit bulls look bad

    Here is what i read: * Do not let your dog run free in the neighbourhood. Even if your dog is as friendly as Lassie, a stranger does not know this and is seriously inconvenienced by a large, free dog in his or her path. The irresponsibility of owners who let their dog stray is compounded...
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    And the scales balance out...

    heheheh sounds like my monkey Hugo!
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    Should I help? New Pit Owner

    I would either: A. wait till the dog is a big larger and lie about its birth date. B. ask the vet straight up if they will give care to a pitbull puppy. I think its absolutely sick that they have banned pits. That makes me sad and makes me not want to go to ontario.
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    Should I still neuter him?

    call the vet thats neutering him and tell him/her your concerns. they will know whats best
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    Pepto Bismol

    i'd check with your vet.. before giving your dog any human meds!!
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    We got him!!! Meet Laddie

    Awwwww thats so nice what a lucky dog to go home with you! I just love hearing about rescues that is so admirable. Hugo was just neutered and he stopped peeing in the house a few months ago but when he got home he peed on the carpet a few times. I think he was just stressed out and didn't...