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  1. Shiba Rawr

    The Official Dogster Thread

    Tobi's Dogster is :: Dog profile for Tobias , a male Shiba Inu/Pomeranian He would LOVE to be your Pup Pal!
  2. Shiba Rawr

    Rascal the World's Ugliest Dog eCard

    I thought Pabst was Ugliest Dog 2009? I thought he beat Rascal... Either way, this is cute! ^-^
  3. Shiba Rawr

    Previous Pets

    Oh man, that's a gorgeous dog! D: Did he have Akita in him? Rest in Peace. :( He looks almost identical to a female Rottie/Heeler mix my Aunt had for 13+ years.
  4. Shiba Rawr

    Does your dog have a favorite flavor?

    Pete used to LOVE Peanut Butter flavored anything! Yet again, there wasn't anything he wasn't fond of as far as food went, haha. Tobi however hates Peanut Butter. He barely will ever eat it. He prefers Chicken, or even Honey. :)
  5. Shiba Rawr

    Does this seem like a good cat breeder?

    I was doing a regular Craiglist pet section check and came across an ad for two Purebred Persian kittens for $50 each. One was a beautiful 9 Month Old Smoke Tortoiseshell and the other a 6 Month Old Seal Lynx Point. Both females. My mother has wanted a Persian for a VERY long time since hers...
  6. Shiba Rawr

    Ferrets in the snow

    Oh man, they are absolutely adorable! My best friend used to have two ferrets. A sable and a white. The sable was a male named Boston, and the female was the white named Robe. They were loads of fun, and really adorable!
  7. Shiba Rawr

    Dog licenese renewal

    Here for a County Dog License it's $12 for a altered animal, and $24 for an unaltered. I think that price is about right. I mean, it definitely makes people want to get their pets altered. It may not seem worth it at first if you go to an expensive vet for your Rabies shot and Spat/Neuter...
  8. Shiba Rawr

    The OFFICIAL christmas Card Swap Sign Up

    I've gotten, Jess's, Dakotah's, Saeleofu's, and Jenn's. I'm working on filling mine out right now. :) I wish I had more to deck them out with, haha! I got Jess's first, then Jenn's. And I got Dakotah's and Saeleofu's on the same day! ^.^ EDIT:: Oh, and Dakotah; Peanut's your cat right...
  9. Shiba Rawr

    Hello! I am getting ready to send out Christmas cards, but I couldn't figure out your address...

    Hello! I am getting ready to send out Christmas cards, but I couldn't figure out your address. You see, I'm not familiar with addresses from where you're from, so I'm not sure how to format it. Do you think you could show me how your address is formatted? Thank you!!~♥
  10. Shiba Rawr

    Daddy the pitbull passes the torch

    I love Junior. :) I love the pictures!
  11. Shiba Rawr

    Daddy the pitbull passes the torch

    It's not Cesar's fault that people try to recreate his techniques and results at home. You know, it says do not try these techniques at home, or contact a professional, or something along those lines at the beginning of the show and after EVERY commercial break for a reason. Exactly...
  12. Shiba Rawr


    That's what I thought, that he looked like he had some American Bulldog in him. I still don't think he's an APBT. He's so adorable though! I want to take him home!
  13. Shiba Rawr


    Look at this sweet boy! He's for adoption in my area, and man, do I want to take him home! I mean, look at that face! They call him Squishy for a reason! Who couldn't love it? My question is, what breed(s) does he look like to you? They think he's an APBT, but I think that wrong.
  14. Shiba Rawr

    Daddy the pitbull passes the torch

    I love Daddy.~♥ And I love Cesar and his work. The day that Daddy goes to the bridge will be a sad day, at least for me.
  15. Shiba Rawr

    Silly photos of all the mammalpets

    Awww♥ All your pets are so cute! Do ferrets and chinchillas get along? I've always wanted both. ;)
  16. Shiba Rawr

    Id Like To Introduce Someone

    Awwwwww~<3 Beagle puppies!!! I swear scent hound puppies are the cutest, and Beagles are the cutest of the hound puppies!! My all time favorites as far as puppies/the puppy stage goes! We bred Beagles for a while. (They're retired now.) However, I fell in love with the two litters we bred...
  17. Shiba Rawr

    Brittany's ???

    This. This person is hyper, a Britt would fit well.
  18. Shiba Rawr

    Brittany's ???

    Next time I visit my Grandfather I'll have to take a lot of pictures of his Britney (and his Llewelin). :) You can see her unique prettiness that way, and I'll take pictures of the small one too (Bo).
  19. Shiba Rawr

    Brittany's ???

    My Grandfather has a Brittany Spaniel (well actually they are no longer supposed to be called Brittany Spaniels, but just the Brittany) and a Llewellin Setter. He had another Brittany (named Britney) before that too. And my Uncle has a Britt that my Grandfather watches for him while he's out at...
  20. Shiba Rawr

    Finn's birthday party :)

    Awww, how cute! :) Finn's one of my favorite Chaz dogs to tell you the truth. :D I finally have a dog that enjoys toys, Christmas and his Birthday should be fun!